General Update – 20.8.18

Hey Lovelies!

So sorry I’ve been a little quiet in the last couple of weeks. Things just got a little crazy and I was finding it hard to keep on top of things. However I’m starting to get back on track and everything should be settling back into the normal routine in no time ^_^

That being said I’m probably going to change things ever so slightly. I’ll only be releasing 1 set per level each month. So 1 SFW, 1 NSFW and 1 Nude set per month*. (Patreon)

I’ve also set up an Onlyfans page which you can find through my Twitter (@BMerkitten). This is mostly to see how the platform works and if there’s more interest there. I’ll be adding content to it as often as I can, starting with my older content and some selfies. If you don’t know about OnlyFans then I’ll explain the main points of it. It’s a pay to view service that you can subscribe to on either a one of payment or continuous subscription. The content is presented like Twitter and can be anything from text to video. Just like Twitter the content rules are far more relaxed and so there can be a wider variety of content provided. I’m not sure if I will be putting a lot of energy into it just yet it will depend on how many people show an interest.

The pets are doing fine ^_^ both Fluffy and Slime King are great. We’re also looking at adding to our family with an actual fluffy creature haha. More on that later though, there’s nothing concrete just yet.




*as long as I have the content available.

SG Shoot Update – 7.8.18

Hello all, super quick update in regards to my Suicide Girls Hopeful photo shoot – we now have a date set so all that’s left to do is get my outfit sorted and perfect my poses.

I’m extremely excited and currently trying to calm down long enough to figure out what I want to wear haha, it’s not going to be an easy decision but I’ll be taking plenty of behind the scenes photos during the selection process to keep you all up to date and give a little sneak peek of what’s to come.

Other Updates

Some other super quick updates, after having lost a significant number of Patrons in a short space of time along with Patreon becoming more strict about it’s content policies I’m considering moving over to Only Fans. I haven’t made my mind up yet and if I do move there is a chance I will be keeping my Patreon for all of my SFW content ($1 tier). I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on any changes I do decide to make.

You can now find me on Twitter! @BMerkitten


My First Nude Set – 3.8.18

It’s Friday! And a very special Friday at that! Today is the day I begin releasing my first ever nude set! Very exciting if not a little nerve wracking.

So I wanted to take a little time and talk about my first nude shoot and why it’s taken me this long to just get naked xD

My first nude shoot took place on the 10th of July 2018 and it was with a photographer I’d worked with once before – PurplePort:  – so I knew he would be producing great images. I was meant to have Andy as my chaperone as usual, however they weren’t well so I had to go alone – not that I was worried, bringing Andy along is usually just for moral support and chatting to photographers whilst I get changed.

I’ll admit I was a little bit nervous as I arrived. I’m not shy and I’m comfortable being naked but modelling naked seemed so much more intense. But Darrell was wonderful and helped me to relax about it. We started with some lingerie shots on the bed (after having done a little re-arranging of furniture haha) before ditching the lingerie and swapping to using some mesh ribbon type props and then on to the roses that would be getting re-used for the milk bath section of the shoot.

Darrell was very professional and continuously checked to make sure I was ok and felt comfortable with what we were doing. It really put me at ease throughout the entire shoot. Once we were both happy that we’d gotten enough shots on the bed it was time to move to the bath.

Starting with a few shots of me curled up in the empty bath before running it. This was also my first milk bath shoot and I’ve got to say it’s pretty funny to watch someone pour in 4 litres of milk to a bath you’ve just gotten into. Honestly I was surprised we’d needed that much milk but it really made a difference.

I know a few people had been wondering why I didn’t do nude shoots previously and the simple answer was that I didn’t want to get pigeon holed. I didn’t want people to think “oh BlueMerkitten, she’s a nude model” and that’s it. So I had been doing my best to do a variety of fashion and glamour shoots before even considering nude. Now I feel like I’ve got enough variety I’m happier to start offering nude as a level that I work to.

That might seem like a silly way of thinking but it’s how I wanted to work things ^_^

So if you’d like to get full access to my first nude set then get over to Patreon – – and sign up to $15 tier (Major Fan).

KickStarter Update – 1.8.18

Hey Lovelies!

I’ve had a few people ask me about what happens next regarding the kickstarter project I ran recently. Because the project was successful I’m happy to announce the funds have finished processing and are now on their way to me! Huge thank you to everyone that was able to pledge.

The next steps will be to arrange a time and date to suit the photographer, location and I.

Then it’s time to go shopping! To get a new lingerie set, a new outfit and some other small accessories to help bring the shoot to life.

So with a bit of luck the actual shoot itself will take place within the next month 😀

I’ll be doing my best to keep everyone up to date as things start happening so don’t worry as soon as I have news you’ll know about it x


“City Sights” New Photo Set Out Tomorrow! – 26.7.18

Hey again lovelies!

It’s almost time for a new set, are you excited!? I know I am ^_^ The next set is super cute and is from my adventure in Edinburgh – which despite not being the best experience it resulted in some fantastic photos.

Matt was a fantastic photographer to work with, very relaxed and fun. Happy to let me do my own thing. It ended up just being a really chilled shoot, with ice cream to finish 😀

If you haven’t heard of Matt then you should definitely go check him out:

Facebook –

Instagram – @mattfernphotos


As always I’d love to hear what you think of the set once it’s released or if there are previous sets that you love then don’t be shy to say so ^_^

In the mean time here’s a sneak peek at tomorrows set x


If you want to be able to see the full set as it comes out then you best get over to my Patreon! –

We Did It! – 17.7.18

Hey Lovelies so the Kickstarter came to an end and I’m happy to announce it has been successfully funded! We did it!

Huge thank you to everyone that was able to pledge or share the project.

You’ll likely see a thank you video on my youtube channel later, I just need to figure out how to speak without babbling haha.


So what happens now?

Well once the funds have been processed and sent through to me (roughly 14 days) I will be scheduling with the photographer, booking the location and buying the lingerie. After that I’ll be submitting the finished set to SuicideGirls and hoping that it gets selected soon.

During that time I’ll be sending out all of the rewards and keeping everyone up to date with all of my other projects 😀

Quick Updates

I entered the Alternative Model of the Year 2018 contest on Saturday 14th July and was lucky enough to be selected to move on to the finals – which aren’t until November – which I’m super hype about. Honestly over the moon.

My photo shoot on Friday 13th went really well and I’m looking forward to getting the photos back but I’ll do a separate post about that with some selfies from the day 😀

Both Fluffy (snake) and Slime King (axolotl) are doing great ^_^

9.7.18 A Modelling Contest!?

Hey Lovelies I’ve got some interesting news!

I’ve signed myself up for an alternative modelling contest, the auditions are this Saturday (14th July) so hopefully I’ll make a good impression and get selected to move onto the next stage. This is something entirely new to me and I’m mostly doing it for the experience. As much as it would be awesome to get chosen, get to the finals and then win – it’s not what I’m focussing on. I just want to take part and see how things go.

Don’t worry I’ll be sure to keep you all up to date on anything that happens ^_^

You can check out the modelling contest info here:

Oh and whilst you’re here…

Kickstarter Update: