Patreon Update – 4.10.18

Hello all, I’m happy to say that after 11 days of being suspended by Patreon my account has finally been re-instated.

It seems as though my payment for this month hasn’t been processed and I’m not entirely sure that it will be so potentially I’ve lost a month’s earnings. Not too keen on that.

However what makes it worse is the fact that Patreon’s reason for suspending my account was just a mistake. They accidentally suspended my account, right before payments were due to be processed. And it took 11 days and me emailing/tweeting them repeatedly before I got any info.

patreon messed up_LI.jpg

After this I have lost my faith in Patreon and will definitely only be using it to post my SFW sets with the only tier being the $1 option.

If you haven’t already had a look at my OnlyFans account and you’re wanting to continue getting access to my NSFW content then I recommend you go check it out ^_^ it’s the same as my Twitter (@BMerkitten)

So there we go xD hope you’ve all been having a good week so far.

Patreon Changes – 25.9.18

So I slept on it and then woke up feeling it was time to jump ship – at least partially.

Although you likely won’t be able to see my account for the time being anyway, I have now removed all NSFW content from my Patreon. From this point on it will be for SFW content only.  Now I’m not dumb, I know the majority of my supporters like having access to the NSFW content so don’t worry it will still exist but now it will be on OnlyFans.

On top of the photo sets from my modelling I’ll also be putting together fun little NSFW videos (nothing explicit) and going back to do mini sets just using my phone/webcam. This will ensure there’s always plenty of content being posted so you’ll always have something new to look forward to ^_^

I wish I didn’t feel that this was the only real option but at this point in time that’s exactly how I feel.

I’m already in the process of uploading all of my previous sets to OnlyFans and will continue to release new sets as they become available. So if you decide to make the move over to OnlyFans you may have to sit through a few sets you’ve already seen but it’ll be a great chance to refresh your memory 😀

However as I will still be keeping my Patreon open (once I’ve gotten my account re-instated) you can always just stay where you are and enjoy the gorgeous SFW sets. It’s entirely your choice.

As always I’m grateful for everyone’s support and I’d like to apologise again for things getting a little crazy but hopefully this is a way to get everything back on track.

My Suicide Girls Photo Shoot – 20.9.18

Hey Lovelies, as some of you may have noticed I had my photo shoot for my Suicide Girls set the other day. It went really well and I’m really excited to see all the photos once they’ve been processed by the photographer. So today I wanted to do an in depth post on the shoot, the people involved and what happens next.

The lovely Gemma Edwards (photographer for Suicide Girls) has a fantastic post about becoming a Suicide Girl so if you want an in depth read of that part specifically go check this out.

The Shoot

As you all know I ran a Kickstarter to cover the costs of this shoot so let me explain where that money went.

First of all it went to paying for a wonderful photographer that I knew and trusted: Ally

Ally has been a close friend since before I started modelling and he’d done some photography work for me before, so I knew how he worked and I knew the quality of his work. Plus he’s well known for being awesome ^_^

Then I had to find a great location. Which was The Alamo Guest House.

Having stayed once or twice before, I’d had The Alamo in mind since first considering doing a photo shoot for Suicide Girls. In my mind it was the perfect place to use as a first impression. Plus it meant I could enjoy the night staying in a gorgeous room with a bath that’s to die for haha.

Of course the next things I had to get were the outfit and lingerie for the shoot. Couldn’t be nude for the entire set after all ;p

I found a gorgeous skirt on the Hell Bunny website that happened to be on sale and immediately snatched it up. It’s a pretty blue skirt with mermaids on it that came down past my knees.

Then I had to find a top to go with it. For a while I was quite torn about how to pull the look together but in the end I decided to go for a cute crop top from Attitude Clothing that was by a brand called Redressed.

As the date of the shoot was getting closer I realised that the skirt needed a petticoat/underskirt to help give it the proper shape. Luckily I was able to find one in one of Glasgow’s go to vintage shops – Mr Ben’s.

Of course my lingerie was found in Bravissimo – the only lingerie shop I trust haha.

So I had the photographer, the location and my outfit sorted. All that was left was the small details.

I got my nails done at Lilly’s Nail Salon and my hair was styled by my usual hair dresser at Timeless Hair Salon.

Oh and of course I wore a pair of my Irregular Choice shoes to complete the look ^_^ because I never miss an opportunity to show them off.

sitting pretty

The People Involved

Ok so I’ve already mentioned the photographer – Ally – who played the biggest part (obviously) but I also wanted to take a moment to highlight the other people involved that you might not know about.

My friend Daniel who managed to tag along last minute to get some behind the scenes photos for me.

My partner Andy, who has supported me and helped me make all the decisions that went towards making this shoot happen. As well as being the one to stay home with the doggo xD

The super friendly staff at The Alamo.

Shannon my wonderful hair stylist and casual counselor (my hairdressers are the best, fight me about it).

The staff at Lilly’s Nail Salon who managed to fit me in despite how last minute I was xD

All of the wonderful people that backed the Kickstarter. Without them this wouldn’t have happened.

What Happens Next? 

The shoot is over…now what?

Well first of all the photos have to be processed and because Ally is such a wonderful photographer it means that he’s very busy with lot’s of work to do. So it’ll take a little bit of time before the photos are ready.

Once they are ready two things will happen. I’ll be submitting them to Suicide Girls to become an official Suicide Girl Hopeful. I’ll also be sending out the appropriate rewards for all of the Kickstarter supporters (they’ll receive some of their reward long before this but some people get a special extra).

When my set has been submitted and I’m officially a Hopeful I then have to wait and see if my set is selected as “Set of the Day”. If it’s selected then I’ll have become a fully fledged Suicide Girl. However there is no guarantee my set will be selected so I’ll be giving this set one year to achieve “Set of the Day”.

As I said in my Kickstarter, if this set isn’t selected I will remove it from the Suicide Girl’s site and use it for my own personal projects.

Basically there’s still a long way to go but I’m excited to get started ^_^

Sorry this has been such a long post with practically no pictures but thank you for taking the time to read it x

Patreon & OnlyFans Update – 14.9.18

Happy Friday!

Great news there’s a new set available to view today on both Patreon and OnlyFans ^_^ if you’re not subscribed to either of these then you’re missing out.


I’m also still in the process of uploading all of my old sets to OnlyFans so there’s that to look forward too. I’ll also be looking to add some fun NSFW vids to my OnlyFans, nothing too crazy just some self tie bondage videos or strip tease type things 😀

Oh and in other super exciting news my Suicide Girls photo shoot is next week! Can’t wait, I’ve got everything just about ready, all that’s left to sort is little details like my nails and makeup. More info on that when it becomes available x

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

#BouncerTheStaffy – 3.9.18

So you might have noticed the exciting news – I now have a beautiful doggo called Bouncer!


He’s a gorgeous wee boy, just under 2 years old and we picked him up from the local SSPCA shelter last Wednesday. You’ll be happy to know that Bouncer is settling in really well and is an absolute sook x3


I would apologize for spamming with dog pictures and videos but it would be a lie. I’m just so excited to show him to all of you ^_^

In more relevant news it looks like I might have a couple of shoots this week which is fantastic news. Unfortunately I’m still chasing up some content from photographers but hopefully my posts will be returning to their usual schedule this week.

Also if you’re curious about my OnlyFans account but not sure you want to subscribe drop me a message, I might be nice and give you a weeks free trial 😀

Keep an eye out for this week’s set – it’s another water feature shoot with special guest Jazz ^_^ definitely not to be missed (available on Patreon and OnlyFans from 7th Sept).

General Update – 20.8.18

Hey Lovelies!

So sorry I’ve been a little quiet in the last couple of weeks. Things just got a little crazy and I was finding it hard to keep on top of things. However I’m starting to get back on track and everything should be settling back into the normal routine in no time ^_^

That being said I’m probably going to change things ever so slightly. I’ll only be releasing 1 set per level each month. So 1 SFW, 1 NSFW and 1 Nude set per month*. (Patreon)

I’ve also set up an Onlyfans page which you can find through my Twitter (@BMerkitten). This is mostly to see how the platform works and if there’s more interest there. I’ll be adding content to it as often as I can, starting with my older content and some selfies. If you don’t know about OnlyFans then I’ll explain the main points of it. It’s a pay to view service that you can subscribe to on either a one of payment or continuous subscription. The content is presented like Twitter and can be anything from text to video. Just like Twitter the content rules are far more relaxed and so there can be a wider variety of content provided. I’m not sure if I will be putting a lot of energy into it just yet it will depend on how many people show an interest.

The pets are doing fine ^_^ both Fluffy and Slime King are great. We’re also looking at adding to our family with an actual fluffy creature haha. More on that later though, there’s nothing concrete just yet.




*as long as I have the content available.