Glasgow, COP26 & Sex Workers

Let’s talk about the impact that the COP26 conference is having on sex work & Sex Workers in Glasgow.

Some journalists are already looking to stir up some sensationalist headlines by implying that during COP26 we’ll see an increase in Sex Workers flooding to Glasgow. However, the reality is that most Sex Workers that usually work in Glasgow (or that would travel to Glasgow to work) can’t afford to get accommodation during COP26 and so are having to work elsewhere, only work out calls (where they go to the client), work on the street or are just not working at all during COP26 due to the increased difficulty of getting around.

Whenever there are large events that bring in lot’s of people from other countries/areas (the Superbowl in America, the Olympics, etc.), there will often be stories that pop up in the news about increased sex trafficking or stories about Sex Workers in the area of the event. This is usually just another tactic to bring on moral panic during a time of high emotions and to attack Sex Workers whilst they try and make a living.

What’s more likely to be happening is that there is an increase in the number of people seeking Sex Workers in the event area, so in this case it’s Glasgow. After all, with so many people visiting and sitting through long meetings, it’s no wonder a number of them will be looking for some more hands-on entertainment.

However, due to COP26, most hotels are fully booked and many Airbnb’s have upped their prices or are fully booked. This means that Sex Workers are struggling to find anywhere to work in Glasgow during COP26. Not to mention the road closures, transport services strikes and other ongoing issues will mean getting around Glasgow City Centre is likely to be really difficult, so even if a Sex Worker were to offer outcalls (where they go to the client), they’d likely be struggling to get around. It’s also not very likely that Sex Workers from outside of Glasgow will travel in as they would face the same problems as the locals but with the added cost of their travel into Glasgow.

Many Sex Workers are also still very concerned about COVID19 and the increase in people visiting Glasgow is too much of a concern for them to consider working during COP26. Especially as rules are relaxed and testing becomes less common among the general public. People being double vaccinated is helping ease anxiety but many Sex Workers can’t afford to risk getting sick for extended periods of time and so would rather not risk getting COVID19 at all.

All in all, COP26 may see some Sex Workers being busy and making a profit but a large group of Glasgow based Sex Workers will likely be avoiding Glasgow and either working elsewhere or taking the time off if they can afford to.

Want to be a supportive ally to Sex Workers during COP26? Support Sex Worker led organisations, pay for your porn, send tips to local Sex Workers and call out your friends/acquaintances if they say something prejudiced/stigmatising about Sex Workers. Don’t blindly follow groups or people that talk about “saving” Sex Workers and call people out when they refer to sex work as “violence against women” – there are plenty of male Sex Workers and more often than not those groups are campaigning for things that would cause great harm to the Sex Worker community.

Whatever you’re doing during COP26, stay safe & be happy x

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Roll To Get Spooky!

Hey everyone!

I’ve decided now that I’ve been running my own D&D campaign for a while, that I’m ready to try running a one shot for some other people.

Plus it’s my favourite time of year and that deserves to be celebrated!

So if you like D&D or if you fancy trying it with me as the GM (Game Master) now is your chance!

Priority will be given to people I know personally, then to my Subscribers and then my followers. I’ll be looking to run in groups of 4 or 5 players and I think I can maybe handle 3 of 4 runs. So if you’re interested then click HERE and fill in my short interest form.

I look forward to having a spooktacular time with everyone!

What’s Going On With OnlyFans? – 25.8.21

Hey everyone! What a crazy few days, eh?

The Story So Far

On Thursday (19.8.21) news outlets started saying OnlyFans (OF) was getting rid of explicit content, to which OF told creators they weren’t and then on Friday (21.8.21) OF sent out a mass email to all creators to confirm that they were getting rid of explicit content.

Over the weekend adult content creators have been scrambling to find new platforms and to figure out how they can convince their subscribers to switch to a new platform.

Now we’ve gotten a vague tweet from the OF official Twitter account saying that the ban of explicit content is going to be paused…

This has also been followed up by an official email which feels as if it’s just their way of saying “ok, you’re making too much noise, so we take it back now please leave us alone”. It feels like they’ll just as soon switch back to telling us they are banning explicit content.

Some are seeing this as a victory. Saying that the pressure and public outrage have meant that OF has changed its mind, or that they found a payment processor that’s willing to work with them…

Forgive me for being cynical, but I get the feeling this is a knee jerk and temporary reaction to seeing how many people are mad about the change. I don’t believe that OF is at all trustworthy after this. Remember, they told news outlets before creators and denied the changes the day before the mass email. They have only once referred to Sex Workers on their tweets and it was in a half baked not even apology.

They have done nothing to support Sex Workers through the chaos that they caused and now they are desperately trying to convince us to stay with them so that they can continue to profit from our insecurity and lack of options.

But we have options. There are so many other sites and so many of us have already started switching to them so there’s no point in turning back now.

So What Now?

In my opinion, we should all carry on as if nothing has changed.

OF is not a safe platform for Sex Workers and it will likely never be. So we as Sex Workers need to move on and find platforms that will be safe for us to use long term.

Some are calling for Sex Workers to unionise and fight these policies and as much as I agree and support this call to action, I’m also trying to be practical and keep a roof over my head. We don’t all have the time/energy/money to get into a long-drawn-out political fight for our right to earn a living. Some of us need to find new income and fast, so unionising is something we have to put on the back burner and leave to our more (financially) stable peers.

Don’t get me wrong, if I can find the spare cash, I will join the United Voices of the World union (the only union in the UK actively supporting Sex Workers, check out their Twitter or go straight to their website). I’ll happily go to any marches or events that I can afford to go to. I’ll share information, make videos/blogs and infographics and generally be as much of an activist as I’m able to be.

But the bottom line is that I need to earn enough money to be able to do all of those things without fear of becoming destitute. So right now my priority – like many other Sex Workers – is finding a new platform and moving as many of my subscribers as I can to it.

Where Are You Moving To?

Right now I’m looking at seven different platforms. It’s a lot of work. I’m slowly uploading years worth of content to each of these platforms and beginning to put together advertising for each of them. Whilst also trying to maintain my OF to avoid losing too much income in the interim.

The seven platforms I’m currently looking into are (cost to subscribe is in the brackets):

  1. MVCrush ($10/month)
  2. AdmireMeVIP (£10/month, UK followers I recommend this platform)
  3. AVNStars ($10/month)
  4. Fansly ($10/month)
  5. Pocketstars ($10/month)
  6. LoyalFans ($10/month)
  7. MyFet (£10/month, they don’t seem to have an easy way to link to your profile though…)

At this point, I feel like my best option is to maintain as many accounts as I can and see which one ends up being the most popular with my subscribers.

It’s a mountain of admin and so frustrating but it seems like my smartest move at this point.

If you’re a Sex Worker and wanting to join any of these platforms consider using my referral link when you sign up. This would mean a lot to me and be a great way to show your support without having to send me anything directly.

Referral Links for Sex Workers:

  1. ManyVids (where MVCrush is)
  2. AdmireMeVIP
  3. AVNStars
  4. Fansly
  5. Pocketstars (struggling to find but will add when I do)
  6. LoyalFans
  7. MyFet

If you are looking to support me through this crazy period but you’re not interested in my NSFW/explicit content then please consider supporting me on Patreon or sending me a tip. I always leave my SFW support options at the bottom of my blog posts so they’re easy to find.

How Can I Support Sex Workers?

The short answer would be to send them money.

The immediate impact all of this has had on Sex Workers is a risk to their income, so if you are in a position to help financially that’s a great way to start.

Can’t afford to send financial support? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Try and help boost the information that Sex Workers are posting/sharing. 

The long term is a bit more complicated.

Money isn’t everything and eventually, it will be about more than just keeping a roof over our heads. Tackling the prejudice and misinformation surrounding sex work is incredibly important and, for the most part, completely free to do.

Take some time to educate yourself and by that, I mean that you should personally go and do your own research and not ask a Sex Worker to explain everything to you. We have enough on our plates and there’s already so much information and so many different resources available (for free as well as behind paywalls). So take the time and do the work and then come back to start sharing all of that information you’ve learnt.

Follow (and donate to if you can) Sex Worker lead charities and organisations. Not sure what organisations/charities you should support? Here is a very short and not by any means complete, list of groups to check out:

Try to be a visible ally if you can be. Supporting Sex Workers privately and from anonymous accounts is good but if you’re able to show support for Sex Workers publicly that’s amazing and will mean so much to the Sex Workers in your life (there’s likely more of them than you realise). Talk to your local politicians about Sex Worker rights, use your vote to try and bring in better policies for Sex Workers and just generally listen to Sex Workers when they call out for support.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there will be things I’ve missed but it’s a starting point. If you treat it as a starting point you’ll be fine.

Remember sex work is work and workers deserve rights.

Until the next update (haha),

Stay safe & be happy x

The End of OnlyFans? – 20.8.21

(Please note that any additional comments/links/etc that have been added after the initial publishing of this blog have been marked with a “*”)

What’s Happening?

Last night statements were published across multiple articles saying that OnlyFans – the content sharing platform – was going to be getting rid of the pornography that currently exists on it.

These are a handful of articles that talk about the update from OnlyFans, feel free to read through them for a better idea of the situation.

This decision has been made due to the platform being unable to secure investors and to “ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform”.

The announcement has said that the new rules won’t come into effect until the 1st of October and that nudity will still be allowed as long as it is within the new terms and conditions which have not yet been released.

Since the announcement, there has been a sharp increase in people being rude/intentionally hurtful to SW’s. One of the more common things that seem to be happening is that non-SW’s are sending OnlyFans creators that post about the issue “application forms” for McDonald’s or replying to tweets directly telling them to get a “real job”.

Here’s the “application form” I got sent. It’s at least interesting to see what the American application form looks like, eh? (I have deliberately left the username visible as I don’t think that people that aim to hurt those facing difficult times deserve to be protected from their own actions)

Image shows a screenshot of Blue’s inbox on Twitter with a message containing an “application” form for McDonald’s

What Does This Announcement Mean?

So what this announcement means is now that Sex Workers have built up the platform, made their money and brought it into the spotlight, OnlyFans is just going to drop them to make investors/payment processors happy.

This isn’t a new thing. It’s not unexpected. But it is frustrating and saddening and not all content creators will be prepared for this.

I’m writing this blog mostly for my non-Sex Worker followers as I expect my Sex Worker followers will already know what’s going on and will know what to do next or at the very least where to look for help.

If you are a Sex Worker and you need someone to talk to about this please get in touch with me.

The main thing to remember – especially as a non-Sex Worker – is that this is going to be a very stressful time and that the Sex Workers on OnlyFans will need your support. That doesn’t have to mean money – we all know that finances can be tricky – it means actively showing SW’s support. Taking steps to follow SW’s on other platforms, share information about the changes, stop people when they start to make jokes about people from OnlyFans having to get “real jobs” now. Be a good ally.

*Some people have also pointed out that there is technically space for some adult content to be able to exist on OnlyFans even after October 1st and as much as that may be true it’s still very clear that OnlyFans does not want to support Sex Workers and therefore the platform is not safe for Sex Workers.

This is an especially good thread on Twitter that explains more about the real reasons this announcement is so worrying –> (tldr: it’s Mastercard’s new rules about verifying/reviewing all adult content including live streams).

*This article posted on Commerce Gate gives a very brief overview of some of the new rules that Mastercard is bringing into effect on October 15th 2021.

What’s The Next OnlyFans?

A few of my non-SW friends along with plenty of the SW have already highlighted that OnlyFans is just one platform and there are plenty more out there. There are other platforms that have been specifically made for and by SW’s. Along with tons of content sharing platforms in general.

The majority of Sex Workers will already have accounts set up on other platforms and probably have for a while now.

The issue is not simply that we’re losing a platform.

We’re losing a safe platform that people felt comfortable using.

Trying to get subscribers to move to a different platform can be incredibly difficult. I’ve seen so many SW’s try to move platforms only to lose more than half of their subscribers and then end up back on OnlyFans. Mostly because it was inconvenient for the subscribers or because there was distrust of a site that hadn’t been in the news.

In today’s age of free porn being just a quick google search away, it can be really difficult to get subscribers that are willing to pay for content in the first place. Even harder to find subscribers that will move with you when a platform becomes unsupportive. Of course, free porn is not inherently bad, I’m just highlighting that this has never been an easy sector to break into and to make a living off of (regardless of what the clickbait headlines told you). And losing mainstream sites just makes everything more difficult.

Some supportive organisations like Phreak Club (UK based independent sex toy sellers) are even offering incentives to help SW’s swap platforms. Phreak Club are offering a £15 discount to SW’s that create new accounts on AdmireMe.VIP as they have an official partnership with that platform. This is something I’d personally love to see more of.

If you’re looking for specifically which platforms you should be looking at next then here are the main ones that I have used personally and would recommend:

AdmireMe.VIP (this is the only site that charges in GBP£)

*JustForFans (specifically made by SW’s for SW’s) I’ve recently learned some unpleasant things about JFF and I am no longer recommending it and will be deleting my account on there. You can read about the reason I’m leaving that platform HERE.

ManyVids (they focus more on selling videos and other content but they do have a monthly subscription service built in that creators can use)

AVNStars (created by one of the biggest-name awards organisations in Porn – AVN Awards)

Let’s Recap

OnlyFans has made an announcement that it is removing pornography and sexually explicit content by the 1st of October 2021. Nudity and some Adult Content will likely survive and be permitted by the updated terms and conditions – which they have not yet released.

However, this announcement has shown that the platform will not be safe for Sex Workers in the long run. Anyone that tries to argue otherwise at this stage is just fooling themselves.

Financial institutes and payment processors can be very obviously – and rightly – seen as the real cause of this issue. It’s a well-known fact in SW circles that payment processors and the majority of banks are not safe for SW’s. The new terms and conditions coming into effect in October for Mastercard will likely effect many different sites and it’s something we should all be aware of and take steps to prepare for.

There are going to be lots of people that take this opportunity to be openly hateful/spiteful towards SW’s and to show how they really feel about the community. We need supportive voices to be louder and to take active steps to be supportive of the community. If you’re not sure how to help, look for people posting about it, try not to flood SW’s with questions right now.

The jokes about OnlyFans “shooting itself in the foot”, so to speak, are funny but please bear in mind that this is still a very big deal and not everyone will be ready to poke fun at the company that’s just kicked them to the curb.

Be compassionate and empathetic, stand up for SW’s when you see people being horrid and do what you can to support the people most affected by this when they ask for help.

Honestly there is so much more I could say about this and so much more depth to this entire situation but I’ll stop there for now. I will also aim to release a vlog about this later today.

Let’s finish with one of my favourite memes so far from one of my favourite Twitter users Lydia Cardonna – (who I definitely recommend following).

ALT Text: A meme titled “The Myth of Consensual Sex Work”. A couple smile in bed saying “I consent!”. A speech bubble over the Visa logo says “I don’t!”. Underneath text says “Isn’t there some random payment processor you forgot to ask?”

With all of this going on it’s harder for me to to sign off the way I usually would but at the same time I feel like it’s more important than ever that I do. So…

Stay safe & be happy x

A Broken Bed 12.8.21

Good Morning!

Today’s blog is a pretty funny one. Last night whilst getting up to some mischief, the support beam of my bed broke. Luckily I keep all my spare bags and other soft items under my bed so it wasn’t to bad a fall, haha.

But it did leave me with a broken bed.

Photo shows Blue’s bed frame, the top bracket for the metal support beam has snapped and the beam is lying on the floor.

Which meant that I had to drag my mattress through to the living room and put it on the couch bed, so I could sleep last night. Whilst doing that I realised that my mattress is also not in a very good state…

A look at the bottom of Blue’s mattress shows rust marks where the springs sit.

So, I’ve put together a little fundraising page to help me get the money to fix up my bed and get back to comfier sleeping asap.

Any donations are greatly appreciated and honestly I’ll be laughing about this for the rest of forever, so I mostly just wanted to post about it so I had something to read back later.

Want to see my reaction immediately after this happened? Check out my latest YouTube video HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today.

Stay safe & be happy!