EU Testing Week 2019

Hello lovely people of the internet, I hope you’re all well as you read this.

For today’s blog I wanted to have a quick chat about EU Testing Week which is running from the 22nd to the 29th of November this year (check out their Twitter and website). And as the name suggests, it’s a week dedicated to getting people tested. Their mission is to get people to get tested to know their status to in turn end new transmissions of HIV and other Blood Born Viruses (hepatitis for example).

As I work with Terrence Higgins Trust (a HIV and BBV charity in the UK) I’ve already been seeing a ton of events and info so I thought I’d post a few of their posts here in case you haven’t seen them ^_^ (follow THT on Twitter!)


I know I’ve talked about getting tested before and I’m pretty sure we all know it’s an important thing to do if we’re sexually active but it’s also important to normalise getting tested and talking about our sexual health.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get to the stage where going for an STI test was treated like going for a routine dental check up?

In exciting news – I learned last night during my buddy shift at the clinic, that there is now an online booking system (for the UK) to book your test! Fair enough the system feels a bit clunky but it exists! That’s awesome ^_^ I’m looking forward to being able to book an appointment online and not have to worry about it anymore.

Click here to check out the online booking system NASH (National Sexual Health)

And as always if you can spare some money to support the charities that provide testing services then please consider donating.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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Scot-Pep 30th Anniversary & Fundraiser – 27.10.19

Hey all!

If you follow me on my socials then you’ll likely have seen me posting about going to the Scot-Pep event yesterday, I had meant to talk about it before now but had so many other things on my mind. No worries though, I figured I’d fill you all in on what Scot-Pep is and what was happening at the event.

scotpep sign pic by lorena_boppitt.jpg
Picture from Instagram – @lorena_boppitt

What is Scot-Pep?

Scot-Pep is a charity organisation that seeks to promote the rights, safety and health of sex workers. They’re primarily focused on Scotland but work in partnership with other sex work charities both within the UK and internationally.

You can find out more about Scot-Pep and the work they’re doing here.

They’re a lovely group of people doing some great work so it’s well worth checking them out and maybe even consider donating to them if you can ^_^


Who Was The Fundraiser For?

For their 30th anniversary Scot-Pep held a fundraiser event at Glasgow Autonomous Space with the proceeds going to Ubuntu Women Shelter. UWS is a Glasgow based women’s shelter that helps those in need to find emergency shelter if they’re unable to access other homeless resources – so they’re especially useful for migrant women which in the current political climate is something we should really be looking at giving our full support to. Be sure to check out their website for more information and again it’s a great cause so if you’re able to donate then please do.



What Was My Role?

I was helping out a little with the event by doing a super short shift behind the bar. It was only an hour and it was lots of fun. All of the volunteers are super friendly and everyone at the event was cheerful and easy to chat with.


So What Was The Event Like?

It was great! I brought Jazz along and despite getting a little lost trying to find it we were made to feel very welcomed and comfortable from the second we got in the door.

The bar was reasonably priced and had non-alcoholic options as well as alcoholic which was nice to see.

There was a quiet/safe space up stairs that you could use if you needed a bit of space as well as having well being volunteers available if you wanted someone to talk to.

The DJ was fabulous and had a great selection of music that got people up and dancing (plus her dress was super cute).

There was a raffle! Which I had no idea was going to be a thing and it had so many cool prizes. Unfortunately I wasn’t lucky enough to win any of them but I’ll be sure to track down a few of the items to buy for myself at some point haha.

Although the best part of the night was the entertainment ^_^ Jazz and I only managed to stay for the first performance as we had to catch the last train home but she was fantastic. “Lazy of the Night” was the stage name and she sang 3 songs for us whilst doing a little bit of a dance but more just putting on a show. The crowd loved it and I’m sure the other performances were just as good.


And that was that ^_^ it was a really fun night and I think they raised a fair bit of money (will hopefully update you with a figure in the near future). Hope you had a lovely weekend everyone!

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Humpday Curiosity – 9.10.19

Afternoon folx!

Hope you’ve been having a nice week so far. Today is a day of curiosity – I’m curious as to when you last had a sexual health check up (STI test). Being the sex positive individual that I am, I often wonder how other people view things like regular sexual health check ups, best ways of cleaning and storing toys and how to get the government to stop introducing laws/policies that make sex worker’s lives harder or more dangerous.

So today I’m asking for you to chime in! Come answer my poll and let me get an actual answer to my question ^_^

When did you last have a sexual heath check up (STI test)?

Answers are anonymous and it’s one question with a multiple choice answer selection. It’ll take less than a minute. But if you don’t want to take part then there is of course no pressure, I’ll most likely be posting the results I get next week so you can check back then if you’re as curious as I am ^_^


Otherwise here’s a sneak peek at some recent shoots I’ve had!

We’re getting into the spirit of the spoopy season! And fingers crossed this is only the beginning! I’m hoping to get as many shoots as I can manage but I’ll have to see how many costumes I can put together first haha.

Want to make sure you don’t miss any of my photo sets? Consider signing up to my OnlyFans or Patreon ^_^


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Monday Thoughts – 23.9.19

Hello lovelies ^_^

It’s been a while and there is so much I want to chat about but I’m going to try not to make today’s post too long haha, here we go!

First of all, happy #BiVisibilityDay! Enjoy being able to see us for the rest of the day haha and remember all bisexuals are valid.


battleaxe bi foxflightstudios.jpg
Art by:


I also want to say a super quick sorry for not posting here in a while. Between being unwell and trying to keep on top of all my other socials I just didn’t have the energy :/ fingers crossed I won’t be stuck in bed for a week at a time anymore and I’ll be able to get back into posting fairly regularly.

Seeing as it’s been a while, why don’t we have a little peek at what I’ve been getting up to ^_^


These are just a few of the sets that I’ve published in the last wee while. Some on Patreon and all on OnlyFans. My OnlyFans has been doing really well, I’m so happy I made the switch – don’t get me wrong it’s not perfect but I’m much happier with the creative freedom it allows. I’m excited to see what features they’ll bring out in the future.

I’m also planning on revamping my portfolio page on here. Mostly just to clean out some of the older photos and make sure I’m only showing off my best photos ^_^ Don’t worry I’ll still have my page which lists which sets are available on which sites along with a preview of the set (it’s here if you didn’t know). I always want you guys to have as much information about my sites as possible!

Speaking of changes to my site, a small but hopefully super useful change has been made to my “Book Your Shoot” page. There is now a Google Form that photographers can fill in that should help cut down on the number of emails sent back and forth. It’s a small thing but if I could get all of the info on that form in the first email I would spend far less time asking people the same questions haha. This form is also linked to my modelling portfolio profiles so will help to get everything in one place ^_^

Honestly though, it’s so frustrating to email someone back and forth umpteen times and be no closer to having a photo shoot arranged than you were after the first email.

Don’t get me wrong, most people are fine. Just every so often someone comes along and answers 1/10 questions whilst also asking you 5 questions which results in a near endless email chain of “you still haven’t answered my questions but here are the answers to yours”. Very frustrating :/

real talk


After taking some time to weigh up the pros and cons I’ve decided not to attend this years Alternative Model Of The Year competition finals.

Mostly because I can’t afford to take a long weekend off, pay for travel, pay for accommodation, buy/make 2 new outfits and then pay for food and such whilst I’m there. Even with the cheapest options I’d still end up spending more money than I have to spare.

Although my decision not to go was also partly influenced by the fact that I don’t feel as if the prizes would do any real good for my career. They’re cool prizes and it would be awesome to win and have the title of “Alternative Model Of The Year” but as far as I can see winning wouldn’t guarantee any real increase in work. So for the cost to possible benefit it really just doesn’t make sense for me this year.

I hope everyone participating this year has a fabulous time though and I’ll be doing my best to keep up with the contestants and let you all know who the winners are ^_^

One last quick update before I wrap things up.

SEV consultation feedback due.jpg
Screenshot from:

The Sexual Entertainment Venue Licensing Consultation ended on the 26th of August, since then a few people have asked what happens next. Right now, we wait.

The council is due to publish it’s feedback/response to the consultation on the 29th of November so until then we just have to keep our fingers crossed.


And that’s all for today ^_^

Hope you all have a lovely week and I’ll catch up with you again soon!

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Brexit??!!?? – 30.8.19

Hello internet people, today I’d like to dip into politics just a little.


As most of you will know, I live in Scotland (Britain) and at the moment we’re going through some ridiculous political hell that has brought out the worst in the country as a whole. 


(Guide to Brexit –


Hate crimes have been on the rise since the Brexit vote came through in 2016 ( and many EU citizens have been terrified of what this vote will mean for them. I personally have friends that are losing sleep on a daily basis from fear of what this could mean for them.

We’ve already had the deal decision deadline moved back and are no closer to actually having any sort of exit deal than we were when the vote first came through. Now our UNELECTED prime minister has frozen parliament with permission of the queen in order to try and force through a no deal Brexit. Which virtually all of the political parties have agreed to work together to prevent (at this point in time I think we’re still waiting on the tories but I wouldn’t hold your breath). There’s a petition that’s going round at the moment which arguably is no longer useful for anything other than showing the number of people that are upset with the fact that parliament has been frozen ( but that is still hugely useful information. It could be what pushes politicians into bold actions that end up with some positive results (fingers crossed).


prorogue petition 30.8.19
Screenshot of the petition sitting at 1,591,651 signatures (the number has since increased)


There has been a court session brought about by 70 MPs from many different parties aiming to stop parliament being frozen by arguing that Boris (prime minister) has abused his power and mislead the queen which if the case were successful could mean that the queen might recall the order to freeze parliament ( But that’s such a mess of “maybes” and “hopefully” that my head is spinning from trying to find a simple way to explain it all.

Ok just read the update on this ( and it seems we’ve no immediate luck but the full case has been moved forward to the 3rd of September, so keep your fingers crossed?

All in all, it just seems like this nightmare will be dragged out until it reaches it’s most horrifying conclusion possible – no deal Brexit.


I’ll be going along to the protest in Glasgow on Saturday (tomorrow) to make sure I know I at least showed up to be counted amongst those that stood up and made some noise. I know not everyone that wants to go to a protest will be able to and that’s why the petition is useful. Even just posting on social media about how you feel about Brexit can add to whichever side you support. (Facebook event for Glasgow protest –

prorogue protest pic.jpeg
Found via Google – 


I don’t care if you voted for Brexit. Surely anyone that voted for Brexit can see that freezing parliament and trying to push through a no deal Brexit is in no one’s favour (well no one that isn’t already well off).

We had one vote back in 2016 and everything since has been decided without a public vote.

That’s not how a democracy is supposed to work.


I know this has been a heavy topic and it’s pretty confusing to wrap your head around it if you haven’t been managing to follow everything as it’s been happening but the deadline is October 31st and parliament is going to be frozen for basically all of September which means there will be one month to try and figure out a solution that we’ve been trying to find for the past 3 years…and I’m scared.

No deal means, food and medicine shortages, it means prices will increase and poverty will increase exponentially.

That’s not something I want to have to try and survive through. But at this rate I’m not sure there’s much can be done by the average person. Other than signing petitions, showing up to protests and hoping that as a united voice we will be listened to.


I know things are tough but as always, I hope that you can stay safe and be happy x