Crafting Interrupted…

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Last night I started a fun little craft project to create a physical version of a magic item from D&D that I’m maybe going to give to my players. It was coming along quite nicely and I had left it on my living room table to dry overnight.

This was what I woke up to find.

Turns out my dog had decided that it was new chew toy or sweetie that I’d left out just for him -_-

So I’m going to have to start over. Or maybe just leave it…

But I’m so annoyed/upset because I was really happy with how it had turned out :/ Can you guess what magic item it is?

This was it before it got painted and then chewed up.

Photo of the craft item Blue was working on. It has two hands holding 3 red crystals and a loop for chain/rope to go through to make it a necklace.

It’s nothing amazing, I know, but I spent at least an hour on it so I’m quite miffed that I’ll have to start over. Ah well.

Are you working on anything fun this week? Whatever you’re getting up to; Stay Safe & Be Happy x

Checking in

Hey all!

I’ve been inactive for the last while as I had caught COVID19 and was hit fairly hard with it.

Yes, I’ve had my first dose of the vaccine. Yes, I will still be going for my second dose when I’m able. No, it wasn’t fun or just like any other cold/flu.

My partner tested positive and we started isolating on the 8th July 2021, I then tested positive on the 14th of July and my boyfriend then tested positive on the 19th. So I’d been isolating from the 8th until the 23rd of July and have only just been getting the energy to actually get out of bed and do things (housework, walking the dog and walking for some light exercise).

Whilst I was sick I really struggled to focus and couldn’t sit on my computer for any real length of time. Even painting the miniatures I’d gotten took so much out of me. Going up and down the stairs to walk my dog still leaves me out of breath and exhausted. It has not been a fun experience at all.

On top of that, I lost £220 to an Airbnb booking that I had to cancel due to testing positive for COVID. Plus not being able to work/make content/be online meant that my income for this month has been close to non-existent which has been really stressful and not a fun thing to have to stress you out whilst you’re too sick to get out of bed.

I’m a little upset with the Airbnb host in all honesty. I didn’t expect a full refund but I had hoped they would be empathetic to the fact that it was COVID and there was nothing I could do about that. I had even tested on Monday and it had been negative so when it came back positive on Wednesday I immediately got in touch to let them know. They offered me £50 off my next booking…which is a nice gesture I suppose but it means I’ll have to give them more money. Considering they are getting to keep the payment for the booking and don’t actually have to do anything – there’s no cleaning or re-stocking needed since no one is staying – and there was always a chance that they might even find someone else that wanted to book the dates I had previously booked so they could potentially have made double the money. I know Airbnb is a soulless company and I shouldn’t expect anything but I guess I just hoped there would have been more empathy.

I was also told that I wasn’t eligible to get a COVID grant from my local council as I earn above the living wage. The problem with that is it’s based on my tax return which includes a bunch of COVID grants which really boosted my income…so yeah…not ideal.

I had also had to cancel a photoshoot due to self-isolating which was a real shame but at least with that I can reschedule and the photographer has been so understanding and sympathetic. It’s also given me more time to work on the outfits/looks for it which is nice.

But I have managed to paint a fair few miniatures over the time that I was sick and my Mum bought me new paint too which was really nice of her. Plus, some very wonderful friends and fans bought me some of the miniatures off of my wish list which was honestly so lovely to get in the mail. Just little things to show people care and want to put a smile on your face, it’s just so lovely.

And that is one positive thing to come from being sick. I felt so loved and cared for. Not just by friends and family but by fans or random people online. It really was such a lovely feeling whenever I managed to check my messages to see that there were people wishing me well.

Although I’m not back to 100% yet I am starting to try and be more active without pushing myself too hard. I’ll likely not be able to return to work properly until mid-August…which I’ll be honest is a terrifying thought when I look at my bank balance…but I know if I push myself too much then I’ll just make myself worse, so I’m going to try and take things easy.

I’m so grateful for everyone’s patience and well wishes, you’ve all been so lovely to me during this and I’m so glad that I’ve got such wonderful people in my life.

Fingers crossed I’ll be back to “normal” before too long and this will just have been a scary taste of how bad long-lasting illness can be. But please continue to take COVID seriously, use a home test before you go out anywhere and take care of your friends and loved ones.

I’ll do my best to get online more often but bear with me. Until next time.

Stay safe & be happy x

Raised For Adventure – Sessions 0 & 1

Hello lovely people of the internet, thank you for stopping by. Today I want to start on a new series of blogs that will be all about my D&D campaign that I’m currently running. The blogs will cover all of the sessions I’ve already run so my players won’t get any spoilers. If you like these blogs and want to get more “behind the scenes” information then consider joining me on Patreon!

Session 0

This is my first ever attempt at being a Game Master (GM) for any table top role play game (ttrpg) and I decided that since I’d played Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) twice and my friends had all been playing for years that would be the system we would use.

So following the advice of my friends and other GM’s I follow online, I organised a Session 0 to talk to my players about what they wanted in their game and what they didn’t want in their game.

It was really fun and informative. I showed them the map of the island the adventure would be taking place on (an island that I’ve made up called Zak Island) and asked them to pick out any locations that caught their eye.

I also explained that Zak Island has a peculiar superstition about still bodies of water and that pretty much everyone on the Island feels that still bodies of water are not to be trusted.

We then chatted about character ideas and worked on how the characters would all know each other to be able to start with the party already together. Initial ideas were for the party members to all be Wizards and from the same Wizard school or to all have been studying at the same college. After chatting for a while the idea of all being orphans that were at the same orphanage was put forward and from there I started to add my own touches. It wasn’t an ordinary orphanage, it was one that had been founded by a retired adventurer and extremely rich Lord. It’s entire purpose was to collect promising orphans and raise them to be epic adventurers. 

The players were all very excited by this and so that’s the backstory that we went with.

My players chose the characters:

A Druid Firbolg called Manao.

A Monk Kenku called Hu.


A Paladin Aasimar called Illidan. 

We also decided to make a home rule that all Kenku knew sign language and due to that it was very common for people of all races to also know sign language. Just to make role play a little less arduous and to keep conversations flowing.

I had also decided that in my universe everyone had a “pet” so each of the players chose a pet to go with their character.

Manao chose a dog and called it Ning. Illidan chose a songbird and called it Elatis. And Hu chose a Raven that he called Huat.

And that was Session 0! From that point I began working on all of the behind the scenes information and my players got excited to see what kind of world they would be playing in.

Session 1

When Session 1 arrived we were all very excited, I had even hand drawn a battle map for the fight and I had made over 20 Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) for my party to interact with if they wanted to (I probably went a bit overboard but I was excited).

This was the introduction they got for the session:

“It’s the start of the day and you’ve all been invited to a meeting with the Head Teachers at lunchtime, they’re finally going to tell you about your graduation test. If you pass this test you’ll be given permission to go out and start your own adventure.

It’s a big day, with no idea what the test will be. It’s been hard to prepare for it.

So, before you head to the meeting, where are you and what are you doing?”

By this point I’ve also given them a map of the town/region they are in, which is called Minthell Town,/Region along with the names of places and NPCs that they would know from having grown up in the town.

1.The Hardy Mutt (Tavern & Inn)
2.The Tilted Anvil (Blacksmiths)
3.The Stables
4.The Paper Temple (temple/library/school/artisans area)
5.Ysyr’s Home For Future Adventurers (Orphanage)
6. Minthell Farm
7. Bouldercreek Mine
8. The Crooked Hat (small inn)
9. The Leaky Boot (small inn)
10. Muvroan Mine
11. The Vai Taele

Our party decided that before they had their meeting they would ask around the people they knew that had already graduated to see what information they could learn. So they headed to the local Tavern/Inn – The Hardy Mutt. Once there they found Manao’s friend Keone, a Half Orc with an energetic personality that always enjoys a good time. They tried asking Keone what her test had been like but she struggled to remember exactly what it had been. She was fairly sure that it was either somewhere quite dark with lots of small creatures they had to fight or somewhere quite bright with monsters to fight…

After chatting with Keone and not getting very far it was time to go to the Head Teacher’s office and get their test details!

As they entered the Head Teacher’s office they were greeted by the cheerful smiling face of Ms Enndolynn Drake – a human with short straight red hair that’s began to grey – and the slightly more stern but still friendly face of Miss Gluronk Steelsplitter – an Orc with long wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The party was then told that their test would take place later that night and that they were to meet the teachers at the Paper Temple at 9pm. They were told that they would have to defeat some adversaries in order to prove they were ready to go out and face the world.

After getting the details the party went to gather supplies from the communal supplies that the orphanage provided. They gathered torches and nets and prepared their weapons and armour in their room.

As they finished up their preparations Hu’s friend Betty’s pet spider dropped down on Hu’s head. After greeting Karma (the spider) Betty stepped into the room to say hello. The party chatted for a bit and Betty wished them luck on their test, saying that she was just waiting for her friends to agree it was time and form their own group to then take the test, so she was sure she’d be following them on their adventure very soon.

With their preparations complete and nothing left to do but wait, the party headed back to The Hardy Mutt to get some food and settle their nerves before the test. As they relaxed, Illidan took the opportunity to join with his friends and perform on “stage” with them (earning himself a few coppers). But before too long it was getting dark and it was time for the party to begin their test.

As they made their way to meet their teachers at the Paper Temple their friends and neighbours cheered them on and wished them luck. The graduation tests had become something of a public event over the years and everyone always did their part to cheer on the young orphans as they went to face their tests.

When they arrived they were greeted by the Head Teachers and Kyris Higgs – a Hill Dwarf – the Religious Head of the Paper Temple. They were told that they were to enter the town’s graveyard and defeat the creatures that awaited them inside. Once they successfully defeated the creatures they would have passed their test. Anxious to get started the party moved into the graveyard, the large heavy wooden gates closing behind them and limiting their light. Luckily the party was prepared for the dark and began setting out torches and casting light on their items.

The party quickly spotted a hand crawling towards them, successfully capturing it in the net they had brought and beating it until it stopped moving (they had declared non-lethal damage and continued to do so throughout the fight which meant that they didn’t kill anything). The party then made quick work of going through the graveyard and finding the Crawling Claws (the hands) that were loose and looking to attack them.

After defeating 10 of the Crawling Claws the party paused in front of one of the storage sheds that the Crawling Claws had been seeming to gather around. Once they opened the door they were face to face with a purple skinned Tiefling with long pink curly hair. The Tiefling immediately held his hands up and let the party know he was part of the test and they didn’t need to attack, this however did not convince Illidan. 

Illidan bopped the Tiefling on the head before Manao and Hu could stop him. Which got him a very annoyed glare from the Tiefling, who then introduced himself as Rowan Amaim. He explained that he too had once been an orphan at their school and that now he traveled and worked as a Necromancer, providing undead helping hands for those that could pay. The Head Teachers had asked him to come back and bring Crawling Claws for the party’s test and so here he was.

As the party exited the graveyard with Rowan the Head Teachers and Mrs Higgs greeted them excitedly and let them know they had successfully passed their test and that they were to come to the Head Teacher’s office in the morning to make it official.

With the test over and the party successful they all went back to The Hardy Mutt to celebrate and drink with their friends. Waking up the next morning feeling just a little bit rough but still full of energy from having successfully completed their graduation test. Now all they had to do was go and make it official!

Back in the office of Ms Enndolynn Drake and Miss Gluronk Steelsplitter the party received their “Graduation Pack”. They took the pack back to their dorm room to open and to plan for what they would do next.

When they opened the pack, they found it contained:

  • 3 x 50ft Rope
  • 6 x Candles
  • 1 x Sturdy Leather Bound Journal
  • 1 x Inkpen
  • 1 x Tent (fitting up to 4 people)
  • 1 x Potion of Healing (2d4 + 2)

And that was where we ended Session 1.

Check back later to find out what happened next!

And as always, Stay Safe & Be Happy x

D&D & Updates – 21.6.21

Hey everyone, today’s blog is mostly just a quick catch up.

You might have seen that I’ve been learning how to GM for Dungeons & Dragons over the last few weeks, which has been really fun so far. As part of getting more into Table Top Role Play Games (TTRPG) in general I’ve also done some arts and crafts and turned my living room coffee table into a battle map!

It’s just painted white, with the lines drawn on in sharpie (I had to ask for help, I’m too gay to draw straight lines…) and then a plastic layer on top that means we can draw on it with whiteboard pens and they’ll just wipe off. It’s really useful now that it’s done and I’m super happy with it.

Over the weekend I also got to run some test combat scenarios with my partners and it was a really good learning experience, it’s given me so much more confidence for how much I can throw at my players.

The one less good thing that’s happened recently is that one of the people in my bubble got a positive COVID19 result, so my entire bubble is self isolating at the moment. They’re ok, obviously not feeling great but so far it’s not been so bad as to need to go to hospital.

That does mean that I won’t be running my game on Tuesday night. But that in turn means that I get to take part in a little one shot that my Sporty BF is going to run, which is fun.

So negatives and positives but overall trying to stay positive.

Oh and a friend of mine has said that they’ll send me some mini figures and paint to have a go of painting and that if he likes them then he’ll send me more and feature them in a project he’s working on! So that’s cool ^_^

Here’s a look at some minis I’ve painted so far.

I think that’s everything for now, until next time:

Stay safe & be happy x

Blue’s Back! – 11.6.21

Hello lovelies!

I’m very excited to be writing this blog. After getting my first dose of my COVID19 vaccine on the first Friday of the month (4th June 2021), I’ve been thinking about returning to in person work.

After taking time to think over everything I’ve decided that I will be returning to in person work from the end of June (28th). This wasn’t an easy decision and I will still be being very cautious and taking my time as I return to in person work.

This means I won’t be taking on TFP (trade/time for pictures) modelling work (unless I believe the shoot is of great benefit to myself and the photographer), I’ll only be accepting in person sessions that are booked in advance with a deposit being paid and I reserve the right to change my mind at any point if  feel unsafe or uncomfortable (but that’s nothing new).

I will be prioritising working with those that had reached out to me whilst I was on hiatus. However if you are interested in working with me be sure to check out my contact page.

If you’re looking to find out about my adult services please go to the Blue Alice section of my website.

Despite being so excited to return to in person work I really hope that everyone will understand that I am still quite anxious and will need people to be patient whilst I figure out the best way to feel safe whilst shooting.

I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you as I get back to work but for now let’s just say I’ve missed this and I’m so excited for the future!

Stay safe & be happy x