Blue’s Mini Holiday with the #GymBae 1st – 3rd Nov 2020

Hello all! I’ve finally managed to get some time to sit down and tell you about my mini holiday! It wasn’t far from home but it was a much needed break from daily life. It was also a wonderful way to celebrate the first anniversary of one of my partners. We stayed at the gorgeousContinue reading “Blue’s Mini Holiday with the #GymBae 1st – 3rd Nov 2020”

18.4.18 – Radiomoths (aka Lee Jones) – “City Mischief”

This was my first time working with Lee but he’s a photographer that I’ve been dying to work with for far too long haha. If you happen to be a Catty regular then there’s a good chance he’s taken your picture at some point. This shoot was mostly just for fun and didn’t really haveContinue reading “18.4.18 – Radiomoths (aka Lee Jones) – “City Mischief””

11.4.18 – Ronnie – “cute n killer”

Ronnie is a photographer I’ve worked with for a fair while now and he’s been great to work with. We’ve both learnt so much working together and it really shows with each new shoot. For our most recent shoot I decided to try and go with the theme of “cute n killer” – this wasContinue reading “11.4.18 – Ronnie – “cute n killer””