Raffle Information

Hello all!

My partner and I are thrilled to be launching our fundraising raffle this week! 

So I’ve put together this post to tell you all about the raffle, including when it starts and ends, what tickets cost and what prizes you could win.

Let’s start with the important details:

This raffle is open to everyone worldwide but you may be asked to cover your postage costs.

Tickets will cost £2 each or you can buy a strip of 5 tickets for £10.

Tickets go on sale on the 4th of August (2022).

The raffle ends and winners will be selected on the 15th January 2023( 24th of September (2022) The end date has been moved due to not selling enough tickets by the initial end date)

Be sure to put those dates in your diary! I’ll be doing a live stream for the launch of the raffle and for the announcement of the winners so keep an eye out for links to that.


After debating how best to organise the actual raffle ticket side of this raffle we decided that it would be easiest for us to just use physical raffle tickets as that lets us better separate entrants into groups.

So when you buy a ticket your name and email will be written on the back of a ticket and added to a specific group depending on a few different things.

The different groups will be:

  • Based in the UK and/or willing to travel to Glasgow/Central Belt of Scotland, 
  • 18+ and happy to receive an 18+ item (we will ask for proof of age),
  • General tickets

Once the prizes for the separate groups are selected the remaining tickets will be added to the general tickets group, so you’re not limited to only winning one type of prize. We didn’t want someone that was ok travelling to Glasgow to not win that prize and then not have a chance to win anything else, that would be a shame, so the groups allow us to separate the prizes that need to be separated whilst still giving everyone a fair chance to win something cool.

If you ask to be entered into the 18+ group we will likely ask you for some proof that you are 18+, the easiest way is likely going to be a photo ID but I’m looking into other options.

We’re keeping the prices in GBP £ as that’s easiest for us but we will be happy to have people from all over entering this raffle. Please just be aware that you will likely be asked to pay shipping costs if you are outside of the UK.

The main ways we’d prefer to accept payments for tickets are:

  • Direct donations to the JustGiving page.
  • Bank transfers.
  • CashApp.
  • Physical money from in-person sales.

We would really prefer not to use PayPal as the company has a history of not being kind to the communities that myself and my partner belong to but we will use it if there is absolutely no other way for an individual to send a donation.

All money raised will go towards the fundraiser unless we are asked to cover any shipping, import tax or other costs associated with getting the prizes to the winners.


Now for the fun part! Let’s take a look at all of the amazing prizes we’ve managed to collect for our Fundraising Raffle!

These prizes are in no particular order.

  • A £20 digital voucher for Luke & Jack (18+)
  • A copy of the Overlight RPG book from Settlers Hamilton
  • A 1 hour shoot & 10 edited photos from Boundless Photography (Glasgow) (Twitter | Instagram | Website)
  • RPG book(s) from Mitch/Penny For A Tale
  • A pin badge bundle from Blacksmoke1033 (Twitter | Etsy | Patreon)
  • A custom dice tray bundle from Critical Treasures (Twitter | Etsy)
  • A mystery bundle including a t-shirt in your size from Pin & Tonic
  • A sticker bundle from DooDooDoodles (Twitter | Instagram)
  • A collection of beauty items donated by Blue’s Mum:
    • 3 x No.7 Makeup Pallettes 
    • Scentered Candle & lip balm
    • No.7 Summer Essentials (biodegradable makeup wipes, sun protection face cream, mascara, lip balm)
  • A collection of items donated by Blue.
    • A £10 Build A Bear gift card
    • A copy of Truth and Lies: An Anthology of Writing & Art by Sex Workers Edited by National Ugly Mugs and Arika (18+)
  • 3 x A month free pass to Blue’s and to Emrys’ spicy subscription sites donated by Emrys & Blue (18+) (Emrys’ Spicy Site | Blue’s Spicy Site)

Check out these example pics of the prizes!

There is also a small chance that more prizes may be added to this list as the raffle progresses, so stay tuned for updates!

How Do I Get A Ticket?

Great question! If you’re as excited as we are and you’re ready to get yourself some raffle tickets then all you have to do is head over to the Fundraising Page and scroll down to the Fundraising Raffle section.

There’s a contact form there that you will use to say how many tickets you’re looking for, which groups of tickets you want to enter into and what payment method you would like to use. (Please be aware that this will not be available until the 4th of August.)

We know this isn’t the smoothest possible solution but it’s the easiest for us to manage so please do be patient with us.

We will also be aiming to do some raffle ticket sales in person when possible so if you’re based in the Glasgow area keep an eye out for updates!

Final Words

Just to finish up this blog I wanted to once again say how grateful my partner and I are for all of the support that we have received so far. It really does mean so much more than we can put into words.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t donate money, even just sharing our posts means so much.

Thank you all for your amazing positivity and kindness.

Stay Safe & Be Happy x

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*Blue’s OnlyFans is now mostly SFW, all of her NSFW & Explicit content has been moved to her Sex Worker specific accounts which you can find here.

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