Getting Back Into My Activist Boots – 18.5.22

Hello everyone!

It’s that time again! That’s right, the Government wants to do some things that will make people’s lives more difficult, so I’m getting out my walking boots, big pieces of cardboard and poster paint and getting ready to be loud in public.

“But Blue, there’s so much to be mad about right now, what is it you’re talking about?”

Well that’s the terrifying truth, isn’t it, haha. 

Despite there being so much going on in the world that is just awful I’m currently focusing on a Bill in the UK that’s called the Online Safety Bill. This Bill has the potential to be devastating to those in the adult industry as well as those that wish to interact with the adult industry.

Seeing as the adult industry is my main source of income and if anything drastic changes then I could face being homeless I’ve moved this Bill to the top of my priority list for the time being.

So what’s it all about? What is the Online Safety Bill? Great questions and if I’m entirely honest, it’s 225 pages of legal jargon that I am continuing to struggle to fully understand. However the sections of the Bill that have me most concerned are the sections that talk about introducing age verification for porn (not an entirely bad thing, just a lot of problems need to be worked out), the potential removal of all online advertising of full service sex work (escort ads) and the fact that the Bill is so vague it could (and likely will) be used to harm people that aren’t doing anything wrong.

I know that’s not a fantastic explanation and I’m sorry I can’t give my usual in depth breakdown of this Bill but it’s honestly too much for one person to try and translate into common.

So instead of telling you everything about this Bill I’m going to tell you what I’m doing to get more on top of it and how you can potentially get involved.

First thing I did – with the help of a very wonderful friend, Jason Domino – was set up a group chat to get all of the people I could involved in the conversation of what we should do.

Then we got to work on picking out specific things that we need to focus on. Currently those things include:

  • Organising in person protests
  • Organising digital protests
  • Creating a piece of “written evidence” to submit to the Government as to why this Bill is potentially so dangerous
  • Connecting with more people to increase our numbers and have more support to tackle this Bill

So that brings me to the part where I tell you how to get involved ^_^

I can’t add everyone to a group chat – that would be far too much to handle – but I can set up a Slack channel (kind of like Discord but leaning more towards professionals) if I get enough interest from people to make it worthwhile.

I’ve also set up a really basic website that we’ll use to post all of our completed documents, graphics and information, so please do check it out (but be patient as it is extremely basic and a definite work in progress). The website is called Fight The Bill and I’ll likely continue to use it for multiple political campaigns so you can bookmark it for my next campaign too haha.

And as always with anything in life, financial support is always appreciated. Currently I’m the main person organising things in the group so I don’t have any separate donation pages set up yet, so if you feel like donating then please just use my usual links.

Once we have the details of the protests finalised (online and in person) then I’ll be sure to direct you all on how you can get involved with those. But they will be happening soon so please keep an eye out.

Having public support on topics like these can be the difference in whether we are taken seriously or not, so it really is important that you engage with this Bill if you can.

I know this was quite a big chunk of text to read and I’m sorry to dive straight into activism and politics before I’ve had a chance to share my London trip photos and thoughts but this is more important.

Hopefully in a week or two when more people are taking the lead on this I’ll be able to calm down a little and go back to posting more light hearted blogs haha.

Until then, Stay Safe & Be Happy x

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