Unboxing My AoiPastel Kickstarter Rewards! – 11.4.22

Hello, humanoids of the internet!

Today the mail delivery person brought me something exciting, my Kickstarter rewards!

I backed AoiPastel’s Cute Skull Crossbody Bag Kickstarter in January 2021 (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aoipastel/cute-skull-crossbody-bag/posts) and although Aoi has had to deal with a ton of difficulties since their project started I was always confident that the final product would be well worth waiting for.

And I was right!

Check out this adorable pastel goth ita bag and accessories!

Photo shows all of the rewards Blue received for the Kickstarter

Here’s a breakdown of all of the items I got as part of the Kickstarter:

  • Cute Skull Crossbody bag – with straps for backpack-style or crossbody style.
  • White skull insert
  • Pink skull insert
  • Purple skull insert
  • Pink bow
  • Purple bow
  • 2 x moon skull magical girl wand pin
  • 2 x star skull magical girl wand pin
  • 2 x crystal skull magical girl wand pin
  • Kickstarter exclusive print
  • Skull button badge
  • Thank you note

The bag itself is fantastic. The fabric inside the bag is really cute. The back pocket is great to have. The skull detail zippers are just adorable! And I love that it can be a backpack or a crossbody bag! 

Photo shows the inside of the bag

One of the things that I adore about this bag is the changeable clip-on accessories for the skull (there were other options available but I opted for the bows). I only wish there had been more colour options haha!

The other great thing is the different coloured skull inserts. It’s a feature that I really love to see in ita bag designs. It gives the bag more options and can mean that you can match it to several different looks which is always fantastic.

As some of you may already know, I love collecting pin badges and the pin badges that were part of this Kickstarter were just too cute! So I had to get 2 of each to make sure that I could gift one of each and keep one for myself haha. Which badge would you choose if you could only pick one?

One of the nicest things about buying from small sellers or Kickstarter projects is the personal touch and little extras. The print, skull button badge and thank you note were all really nice to get and really added a personal touch to the rewards. The other great thing about Aoi was that despite the difficulties they faced, they were brilliant at posting regular updates and keeping everyone informed. I genuinely think they did fantastically and I hope they are having a well-deserved rest now.

All in all I’m over the moon with my rewards and can’t wait to get out and get some photos of my new bag in use!

You can find and support Aoi on social media:

Instagram: @aoipastelpinclub

Twitter: @AoiLeeArt

Titok: @aoipastel 

Keep an eye out for when I do post more pictures because I’m sure they’re going to be adorable!

Thanks for reading. 

Stay Safe & Be Happy!

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