More Updates – 24.11.18

Hey lovelies, I’ve got some quick updates I wanted to share with you ^_^ First of all, there’s a new vlog available to watch here – I also made my own little custom thumbnail picture so let me know what you think. Photo Shoots 23.11.18 As you’ll have seen if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter,Continue reading “More Updates – 24.11.18”

KickStarter Update – 1.8.18

Hey Lovelies! I’ve had a few people ask me about what happens next regarding the kickstarter project I ran recently. Because the project was successful I’m happy to announce the funds have finished processing and are now on their way to me! Huge thank you to everyone that was able to pledge. The next stepsContinue reading “KickStarter Update – 1.8.18”

We Did It! – 17.7.18

Hey Lovelies so the Kickstarter came to an end and I’m happy to announce it has been successfully funded! We did it! Huge thank you to everyone that was able to pledge or share the project. You’ll likely see a thank you video on my youtube channel later, I just need to figure out howContinue reading “We Did It! – 17.7.18”

9.7.18 A Modelling Contest!?

Hey Lovelies I’ve got some interesting news! I’ve signed myself up for an alternative modelling contest, the auditions are this Saturday (14th July) so hopefully I’ll make a good impression and get selected to move onto the next stage. This is something entirely new to me and I’m mostly doing it for the experience. AsContinue reading “9.7.18 A Modelling Contest!?”

27.6.18 Kickstarter Update

Hello Lovelies, If you’re following me on Instagram/Facebook then you might have already seen this. I received an amazingly generous pledge the other night and I’m still trying to figure out how to cope with these emotions. However the project isn’t fully funded yet and there are only 19 days remaining. I know I’ve beenContinue reading “27.6.18 Kickstarter Update”