Freelance Model, Event Planner, Social Media Manager, Sex Worker

A bit of a jack of all trades, Blue is involved with a variety of different projects. Due to the difference in projects she’s involved with Blue has several different online personas that she will switch between when working on different projects.

Her two main safe for work accounts are her BlueMerkitten account and her Blue Fawkes account.

Blue uses her BlueMerkitten account for her modelling and other safe for work creative projects – it’s generally a more personal account.

Her Blue Fawkes account is used for her online personality coaching project as well as her charity work projects – this account is generally treated as her professional account.

The majority of her not safe for work projects are kept to her Blue Alice account.

Projects Blue Is Involved In
  • Freelance modelling career
  • Fawkes Online Personality Coaching (Launching 2021)
  • Communications and Partnership Officer for Umbrella Lane
  • Original NSFW/explicit content
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