Blue’s Birthday Month! – 13.1.22

Hello everyone!

January is my birthday month!

I like to take the whole month to celebrate so I have the highest chance of being able to celebrate my birthday with all of my friends, fans and loved ones ^_^ (that and I love to be a drama queen haha).

This year is another year where COVID19 worries have meant that my celebrations have been small and hesitant but that hasn’t stopped me from having a wonderful time.

Plus I got these fantastic gifts from my loved ones ^_^ so how could I possibly be upset? Haha.

I’ve still got some things that I’m trying to plan and get done this month to make sure I get to enjoy my birthday month as much as possible. One of these things is a super fun photo shoot! But I’ll tell you more about that later ;p

As it is my birthday I wanted to let you all know that I’m trying to raise money to get a new camera. I’m aiming for £800 so I have a bit of wiggle room and if I manage to raise any more than I need it will go towards things like memory cards or similar.

Picture shows the 3 main options of cameras that Blue is looking at for her new camera fund as well as a picture of Blue, edited to be wearing a party hat.

If you’re in a position to donate to my new camera fund that would be an amazing birthday present – of course there is absolutely no pressure. You can also check out my wish lists if that’s something you’d be keen to do as a birthday treat – again no pressure.

I’m going to keep the fundraiser up until I manage to raise enough money so if you do want to donate but January isn’t a good month for money, then I totally understand and you can always chip in later.

My hope is that when I get a better camera it will give me the extra boost of motivation I need to really stay on top of my vlogs. I do intend to go back to doing regular vlogs, I just have to sort out a bunch of admin, work and life stuff first haha.

So hopefully you’re having a lovely January and you’ll be able to join me in some way to celebrate my birthday (online events are in the works, more info asap) ^_^

Until next time, Stay Safe & Be Happy!

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Aspiring alternative model and typical blue haired mermaid/kitten (merkitten).

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