Content Age Restrictions – 30.7.19

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend ^_^ today I wanted to have a ramble about age restrictions on content. Not in a porn specific way, more about my personal age restrictions on my public accounts.

As you might have noticed I publish some NSFW content publicly (I always do my best to mark it appropriately and post it where people that see it will be 18+) due to the fact that I do this I tend to put some sort of notice on my accounts that they are intended to be viewed by people that are 18+ and that I don’t want people under that age viewing my content.

You might also have noticed that I try not to post too much NSFW content publicly and that the majority of my posts are censored. So you might have wondered why I was still so insistent on having my accounts as 18+.

The other reason I mark my accounts as 18+ is because I am 23 years old and don’t really want to interact with anyone under the age of 18 in any extended way. Which might sound dumb but I’ve had friends that have formed friendships online with people younger than them, which when you take a step back and see an 18+ year old being friends with a 16 year old it feels a little weird. It’s not that there’s anything gross happening, it’s just that age gaps are important when the person is under 18. It’s something that I’m really aware of and try my best to make sure that the people viewing my content are appropriate for the content.

The only content I have that I feel comfortable with people under 18 viewing is my YouTube channel. Well I suppose some of my blog posts would also be fine but to be safe I’d just rather anyone visiting my blog was 18+.

youtube logo promo
Image description: YouTube Logo with chibi BlueMerkitten and the text “Don’t forget to subscribe!” the image it’self is a link to BlueMerkitten’s YouTube channel


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how I do things, I just felt like talking it over with you all today. I figured it would be interesting to see how you feel about content creators (of all kinds) and how they set age restrictions, or don’t, on their content. I remember when John Green started getting a ridiculous amount of hate because most of his fans were young adults (he’s a young adult author) and that because he was interacting with them so much he must be gross and creepy (which is nonsense).

I know that if I were to gain any under 18 followers on YouTube they might want to follow me on Instagram or Twitter and I worry about that and that they might end up seeing content that isn’t appropriate for them.

But at the same time I’m an adult that makes adult content so really I don’t want to have to deal with under 18’s at all. Even though all of my explicit content is hidden behind pay walls, I’d still just rather keep it an 18+ community.

So here’s the ramble of the day haha, how do you feel about 18+ content creators (SFW or NSFW) interacting with under 18’s?

stay safe be happy insta size
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Tuesday Thoughts – 16.7.19

Afternoon everyone ^_^

This morning I had the lovely surprise of receiving my #stopcensoringsluts package from the Be a Bimbo & Exotic Cancer collaboration!


I was so hype to get it this morning I even filmed a little unboxing video which you can watch HERE if you’d like ^_^ Honestly the crop top is so soft and comfy, I love it. Although I’m a tiny bit concerned that the text might peel off after it’s been washed a few times, so I’ll keep you updated on that. (I got a size XXL and usually buy a UK 16/18 for tops in case you’re wondering)

Amongst the other items I got as part of the package was a postcard from Be a Bimbo which had a really great message on the back of it and I wanted to share that message, so here you go.

” Dear Slut,

Are you tired of feeling like you have to hide who you are in order to avoid getting banned from social media? Are you tired of being shamed for embracing your sexuality by the very people who objectify you? ‘Cause we are!

It’s time to stand up to censorship! We have launched this special collaboration because it’s time to work together as a community of sluts. We will not accept being censored, demoted, or deleted just because we are empowered women who have taken ownership of OUR sexuality.

Despite Instagram unjustifiably deleting entire accounts or demoting our pictures, and entire countries ignoring sexworker’s rights and doing everything they can to get rid of us, we will prove we are stronger than ever!

#stopcensoringsluts is a campaign for us all to take back our sexuality, our bodies, and our human rights. 10% of all profits will be donated to Global Network of Sex Work Projects, which fights everyday to help our community. To read more about their amazing work, visit


With love and respect,
Exotic Cancer & Be a Bimbo “



It’s so nice to see that there is a community that’s fighting back the stigma and reclaiming the slurs to empower themselves. Not to mention that Be a Bimbo has some really pretty merchandise! I’m not sponsored but gosh I wish I were haha.

Other things I was happy to see this morning included an article from The Herald (read it here) which featured Megara Furie directly discussing full service sex work/escorting in relation to unionising.

Although I’m delighted to see that this article is far more positive and shows that Megara and the GMB union clearly want to be inclusive and fight for the rights of the community as a whole it’s left me very confused as to why the article from the Daily Record (discussed in this blog post) came across as being so exclusionary. It makes me think this might be a case of misrepresentation by the media – which we all know happens – so hopefully we’ll be able to get a direct answer from Megara in the near future.

Either way I’m ecstatic to hear that GMB is looking to fight for decriminalisation as well as fighting discrimination of sex workers.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to go check out Be a Bimbo and Exotic Cancer!


Stay safe and be happy x

Public Figures Are Still People – 15.7.19

Good Evening all, I hope you had a lovely weekend. I managed to catch a little too much sun and have a tiny bit of sun burn which is making me sad but I’ll survive it haha.

Over the weekend there was an article published by the Daily Record (read it here) which featured some comments from Megara Furie – one of the main faces of the AskThe700 campaign – in regards to the possible future of the dancers if the clubs were to be shut down.

askthe700 cover pic
Description: Banner image with pink top and bottom and white centre along with the text “#AskThe700 save Glasgow Strip Clubs”

The basic point Megara is making in the article is that dancers are being propositioned by escorting agencies that are aware they may be losing their jobs in the future which shows that if the clubs are closed people could be pressured into working for the agencies despite not really wanting to and that lap dancing clubs/strip clubs should be treated as separate from other parts of the sex work industry.

So what’s wrong with that?

I understood the need to separate strip clubs from other sex work for the sake of the campaign – considering that the campaign was started as a reaction to the consultation which is only regarding strip clubs (sexual entertainment venues) – however the persistence outside of the campaign to separate strip clubs from other sex work gives off some very clear warning signs. It suggests that other areas of sex work shouldn’t get the same protection because they are “less valid” or more likely less legal. By saying that strip clubs are separate it says to me that any other sex work industry is fair game for political attack and that any of the people working in those industries are going to be left to fend for themselves. Which is not at all what I support or what I thought AskThe700 would support.

Now of course I don’t want anyone to be pressured into doing any type of sex work, that’s not what I’m saying.

I’m saying that the narrative Megara has presented has painted those that choose to do full service sex work/escorting as not being in control of their own lives and somehow lesser. Which is upsetting to hear from someone you thought was a sex worker activist fighting to protect all sex workers.

Which brings me to today’s title – public figures are still people – and people have their own views and opinions which can sometimes seem at odds with what they are representing. People can also be misconstrued or misspeak, it can be really hard to get across the message you want people to take away. However if Megara is truly meaning to drive a wedge between dancers and all other sex workers then I can’t explain how upsetting that is. As an industry we stand the best chance by uniting and working together, not drawing lines around which work should be protected and which should be left for the prudish vultures to pick at.

We’ve already seen the Glasgow SEV consultation inspire Edinburgh to run a similar consultation (which you can read and reply to here) which got a brief mention on the BBC news (here). It’s important to get the word out about these consultations now whilst there’s still a chance for us to have a positive impact. Once the consultation is over and the decisions are made it will be a much harder fight to get the council to listen to us not to mention that the damage will have already been done.



I will continue to support the AskThe700 campaign in any way I can, spreading awareness as best I can and just generally not letting this topic go by without a fuss. I believe that all workers that are part of the sex work industry deserve protection and deserve to have someone fighting in their corner so that’s what I’ll be doing – as best I can. I don’t think we should be separating dancers from other sex workers, I think we should all be banding together to take down the stigma and policies that never once asked what we wanted.

I know today’s blog turned into a bit of a rant (no real change there haha) but thank you for taking the time to read it ^_^

Stay safe and be happy x

TGIF! – 12.7.19

Happy Friday! The week might have been long but it’s over now ^_^ and some of you might even be going along to TRNSMT festival which looks like it’s going to be great fun 🙂

I’m also going to remind you all super quickly that the #askthe700 will be back in Glasgow tomorrow from 1pm until 3pm outside of the Apple store on Buchanan Street – hope to see you there!

This week has been a bit slow for me and had a bit of a disappointing end this morning. I’ve had some issues in my flat for the past while and it had looked like everything was finally going to be resolved this morning but it’s not to be. Ah well, 8th time getting someone out is the charm, right? Haha, I’m sure it’ll get sorted eventually.

Although it’s not been all bad. I made some very tasty cake yesterday ^_^

cake 11.7.19.jpg
Description: home made fairy cakes with cream and jam in the middle stacked into a rough pyramid shape.


It was so hard not eating them all in one sitting haha. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and I hope the weekend is what you need it to be ^_^

Stay safe and be happy x

Accepting Help – 9.7.19

Hello lovelies, I hope you’ve had a nice start to the week. Today I wanted to have a bit of a ramble about a topic I struggle with and that I think a lot of people struggle with: accepting help.

We’re fed a lot of stories where the protagonist manages to make themselves into something from nothing either with no help or very little help from others. Usually there’s a whole bit of plot dedicated to teaching the protagonist they need help and need to rely on others which is nice and something I think we all need reminded of from time to time. Accepting help from friends and family doesn’t take away from the hard work you put into something, it doesn’t somehow make you weaker or any less capable. Everyone needs a little boost every now and then.

I’m a ridiculously stubborn person at times. I’ve gotten very used to doing things by myself and not reaching out to anyone when things start getting a bit much. Although it’s a toxic mentality to have, I definitely have a “if I don’t do it then it won’t be done right” mentality, it’s something I’m trying to work on changing but it takes time. The only way I’ll be able to change my mentality is by reaching out and trusting other people, accepting help when I need it.

Accepting help from others can involve a lot of trust and trusting other people can be hard. Or sometimes we just don’t want to be a burden on the people we care about. We can end up feeling like no one will care even if we do reach out or that there are other people worse off so we should just deal with it. But if we allow ourselves to reject help or even reject the idea that we deserve help then we’ll spiral down into some very dark places that can be really hard to get out of.

I’m not saying you should treat your friends and family as your therapist/councillor, just reach out and let them know you’re struggling. Find someone you trust and ask if you can talk to them about what’s on your mind. If you don’t want to trouble people you know then you can always see if there are any services available to you locally. Whether that’s a health service, financial advice or just a talk service/helpline – there’s a whole bunch of things available now that we’re so lucky to have.

Just don’t be afraid to seek out help.

I’ve had counselling twice in my life so far and to be honest would love to get another haha. I’ve had help from my family and friends more times than I can count. My fans are constantly helping me – they help support me so I can actually do the job that I love. Getting help isn’t something to be embarrassed about, it’s totally normal and everyone does it at some point or another.

Don’t suffer in silence, stay safe and be happy x