March Arrivals 2021

Hello lovely humanoids!

This blog is all about the wonderful items that I received in March 2021. Some of these were bought by me, some were pre-ordered by me, some were gifts from fans/friends, some were rewards from Kickstarter or Patreon. Regardless of where they came from I’ll tell you all about them on this blog! (please note the date is when they arrived and not when they were ordered)

So let’s dive right in!

Banana Caramel Drizzle kitten play ears from Kitsus Creations, bought by me – March 5th

These are my second pair of kitten play ears from Kitsus Creations and I absolutely adore them! I got them specifically for an Easter themed photo set (Easter Kitten) and built my entire outfit around them.

The quality is wonderful, they’re comfortable to wear and the fact that the ears are poseable is fantastic!

Despite only being my second purchase from Kitsus Creations I’m already a huge fan. Especially as shipping is very quick, the packaging is lovely and the creator is very active online and constantly creating new and exciting sets.

I paid £46 for them.

Beetle Ita Bag from Pin & Tonic, bought by me – March 6th

I missed out on backing this bag on Kickstarter but I was very fortunate to grab a “B grade” bag that Pin & Tonic had spare. I went for the blue one (obviously) which is just stunning.

The bag is really high quality and absolutely gorgeous. So far it has my favourite pin badge divider as it’s been the easiest to actually attach my pins to. The bag is also really flexible as you have the option to wear it as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. Plus it has the cutest detachable holographic wings!

It’s a little on the smaller size but I knew that when ordering and they make the dimensions very clear on their advertising. All in all it’s a gorgeous bag and I’m over the moon with it.

I paid £55 (excluding shipping) for the bag.

Squid coins from BlackSmoke1033, bought by me – March 18th

I have been following BlackSmoke1033 (aka Fumi) on Twitter for a while but I finally gave in and bought myself two of their cephalopod currency coins. The larger is a golden squid coin and the smaller is a silver octopus coin.

Coins might not seem like an obvious item that I’d be interested in but I absolutely adore unique tokens and trinkets, so when I saw the “cephalocurrency”, as BlackSmoke1033 has named it,  I just had to get some.

The coins are really cool. They’re surprisingly heavy and arrived in their own little coin cases to protect them from scratches, which is a nice touch. I also love how much effort Fumi puts into their packaging. Stickers and stamps plus hand written notes are a super cute touch.

It wasn’t long after purchasing these coins that I signed up to their Patreon mini pin club.

I spent £18 on the coins.

Lobster mini pin badges from BlackSmoke1033’s mini pin club, bought by me – March 22nd

It was such a lovely surprise to receive my mini pin club pin badges so soon after I had received my cephalocurrency coins. And once again the packaging was lovely. I really do appreciate all of the small details that some sellers are able to put into their packaging. It just makes it feel extra special.

The pins are really good quality and surprisingly detailed for being mini pins. 

As part of the mini pin club you receive two mini pins, they’re both the same design but in different colours. This month was mini lobsters in antique style silver and gold. 

I’m confident they’ll make great space filler pins for my ita bags as well as cute pins to add to outfits when I don’t want anything too flashy. Plus I plan on keeping some of them to act as little gifts for my friends and family.

I pay £14 per month for the Patreon mini pin club tier.

Kitten play collar from Milkittenshop, bought by me – March 22nd

I stumbled across Milkittenshop whilst browsing Etsy and looking for a collar to go with my Easter Kitten outfit. They were offering “pick your own colours” collars and had advertised that they were happy to work with people to colour match so I was hopeful that they’d be able to help me out.

And I was right!

The colour match was really good and the general quality of the collar was great. It feels sturdy enough for some gentle play but still soft enough to wear as a casual day collar and is exactly what I was hoping for.

There were add on options for things like bells but I’d opted to keep it quite plain as it was already going to be part of an outfit.

I paid £18.99 for the collar.

Phreak club Dovah dildo, gift from my Gym Bae – March 22nd

For this particular item I was extremely excited.

My very loving Gym Bae had bought me it as a gift whilst I was going through a very stressful time period and it arrived just in time for another particularly stressful time period haha. Needless to say it did plenty to help relieve that stress wink, wink.

But let’s focus on the actual product. It’s gorgeous! The colours are really pretty and blend really well. The silicone feels lovely. The one thing I would say is that despite opting for a soft shaft I would say it’s definitely the firmer end of soft – which I am fine with but it may be something to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing a toy from Phreak Club.

For the specifications of my toy, we chose:

Model: Dovah

Size: Medium

Firmness: Soft shaft, medium base

Suction cup: Yes

Colour: Pink base fading to blue shaft

You can also watch the unboxing and SFW review video on my YouTube channel!

Along with the Dovah I got a free mini packet of Candy Kittens and a free selection of three mini toys (the free mini toys were a part of the promotion).

The outer packaging was also perfectly discreet and the internal packaging was just paper which meant that I could pop it all in the recycling bin without any hassle – which is a nice touch. The toys themselves did come in plastic packaging – obviously for hygiene reasons – but it was nice to see less plastic packaging being used.

Gym Bae paid £95 (we got a £10 discount as part of a promotion that was running at the time).

Pokémon pin badges from Popipins “Spooky Friends” Kickstarter, bought by me – March 23rd

I first backed this Kickstarter campaign as I wanted to get the Gengar pin for my Partner as a surprise Halloween treat, unfortunately due to COVID19 there were a lot of delays and the pins didn’t arrive in time for Halloween (obviously).

That doesn’t mean that I’m unhappy with them. Quite the opposite. The pins are wonderful. I really like the artists’ style that they’ve gone with. It has a “spooky” sort of vibe but in a really nice way and not an over the top ham fisted way. 

The pin badges I opted for were the Gengar and Pumpkaboo versions. Gengar for my Partner and Pumpkaboo for me.

They are both really good quality and have nice rubber heart shaped pin clutches to hold them in place. The really nice thing is that each pin badge has two actual pins, so it won’t spin in place and will still be the right way up whilst pinned to your shirt/bag/whatever.

As an added surprise bonus I also received a shiny colour palette (pink) Dragonair! And a Banette Pokémon card. This was a lovely surprise and extremely nice of the seller to include.

I paid $49 Australian dollars which is about £27.47 (according to Google).

Out of the 7 items that arrived in March, I think my favourites are my Banana Caramel Drizzle kitten play ears from Kitsus Creations, my blue Beetle Ita bag from Pin & Tonic and of course my Dovah dildo from Phreak Club.

Have you received anything nice lately? Have any shops that you think I should check out? Let me know in the comments!

And as always, stay safe & be happy x

Mail For Blue! – 21.3.21

Hello cuties!

I have more exciting news for you today ^_^ Have you ever wanted to send me a letter or a drawing or something via snail mail? Well now you can!

With my brand new PO Box you can send me anything you feel like and I may even send you something back in return (as long as you remember to include your name and address).

Just address your mail to:

Mail For Blue

PO Box 20343



Of course this isn’t expected, it’s just a fun option for anyone that felt like sending something.

You could even send me your coloured Easter Merkitten (find out more about that HERE). But it’s entirely up to you ^_^

Whether you decide to send something or not, I hope you have a lovely time.

Stay safe & be happy x

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BlueMerkitten’s Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! – 20.3.21

Hello all!

With it now officially being Spring and Easter just around the corner I’m excited to announce my online virtual Easter egg hunt!

Starting from Monday 22nd you’ll be able to find hidden Easter Merkittens around my website and across all of my social media accounts. There will be 15 Easter Merkittens in total but their release will be staggered over the 13 days so you’ll have to be sure to check back every so often if you want to find them all!

Once you find an Easter Merkitten, it will link you to a google form that will have one question and a way to submit your email address (be sure to use the same email address each time).

Whoever gets the most questions right will be our winner!

Other than bragging rights, you might be wondering what the winner of this virtual egg hunt gets. Well, I’m excited to tell you that there will actually be three winners!

The first-place winner will get a £25 Etsy gift card & an Easter egg of their choice.

The second-place winner will get a £15 Etsy gift card and an Easter egg of their choice.

And finally, the third-place winner will get an Easter card and an Easter egg of their choice.

This virtual egg hunt is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, however, due to the way Etsy gift cards work I will be unable to change the currency. But I will happily discuss options with the winners if they end up not being from the UK.

Be sure to check out the virtual egg hunt main page – HERE – for updates and more information.

Good luck everyone!

Stay safe & be happy x

Meds & Mental Health 12.3.21

Hey all!

So today I was going to be filming my kitten play and pokemon video for my YouTube channel. It’s a video I’ve been pretty excited to film and was all dressed up and ready to go.

But I had a few tiny interruptions as I got started filming.

Absolutely nothing major. Bouncer mucking around, my partners chiming in with comments. Totally normal and fine interruptions that I deal with all the time.

The only problem being that today it totally knocked me off-kilter. My confidence vanished, I got emotional, I had to stop filming and do housework instead to try and calm myself down and to stop me from crying.

This, in case you didn’t realise, is not normal for me.

I only cry at sad movies/books/media and very occasionally from severe emotions.

But for the last hour, I’ve been fighting off tears and trying not to ruin my mascara.

My mental health over the last few weeks has been an absolute roller coaster and last week I got switched to a new medication (fluoxetine 20 mg – if you’re curious) and it’s hit me really heard. I’ve been having intermittent headaches, struggling to focus and having bouts of nausea. Not in the least bit of fun. And now, I’m getting emotional over nothing and almost breaking down into tears.

It’s not a pleasant sensation and it’s difficult for me to focus on the things I need or want to do – like filming my kitten play and pokemon video.

So yeah, I’m finding things a tiny bit difficult at the moment and I hope that everyone can bear with me.

I also know that there are so many people that are struggling for so many reasons right now and my heart goes out to them. It seems to just be a really difficult time at the moment.

Look out for each other and remember to be patient with everyone that you interact with – you have no idea what’s going on in their private life and no right to know either.

I will get this video filmed, I’m just not sure if it will be today. So I’m posting this blog, mostly for myself and to let myself be open and honest about how I’m feeling in a way that let’s other people interact if they want to.

Yelling into the void was always something I found useful, so this is sort of an extension of that.

I hope everyone is holding up as best they can and that you’re excited for when I do post this video. Until then;

Stay safe & be happy x

International Women’s Day & The Sex Worker Strike – 8.3.21

Hello all!

Happy International Women’s Day!

For those that don’t know, the 8th of March is International Women’s Day (International Men’s Day is the 19th of November). It’s a day to acknowledge all of the work done by women, the progress that women have made in all areas of life and to fight for women’s rights. I also want to take a moment right now to say that trans women are women and we celebrate them too.

Since 2019 it has also been a day to strike from work – whether that’s your day job, your housework, or sex work – women across the world are encouraged to take a stand and say “not today”. The point is to show how crucial women’s work is, especially the work that goes unseen and unpaid by society. And in the specific case of sex work, it’s our way to stand up for our rights and our desire to see our work decriminalised as well as having it recognised as being work.

I say “our” because I am a woman and a Sex Worker.

Of course, this isn’t a day to exclude our allies who wish to support us. Everyone is encouraged to stand in solidarity with women and with Sex Workers.

Let’s talk a little bit more about the Sex Worker Strike as I’m sure that’s why most of you are still reading.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you’ll know that I am a Sex Worker and I’m not shy about telling people that. However, I am very privileged to be able to be that open about my work. Many Sex Workers have to keep their work secret for fear of the stigma and prejudice that is attached to sex work. Many can’t tell their friends or family for fear of rejection and lack of understanding.

Sex work is a topic that evokes a variety of responses: some will turn their nose up and disengage, others will want to take on the role of saviour for the “poor exploited women” and some will feel too awkward and uneducated to even consider participating in the discussion.

That’s why things like the Sex Worker Strike are so important.

They get the Public’s attention. It’s a lot easier to engage in a conversation when there are thousands of online posts or videos being shared that tell you everything you need to know and more.

Today you will come across posts that explain why decriminalisation is so important and why sex work deserves to be treated like any other work (spoilers, decriminalisation is for safer working conditions and treating it like work reduces stigma). You should treat it as an opportunity to educate not only yourself but your friends and family too.
“But Blue! I can’t share this with my best friend/Mum/Gran!?” – this may be the response that some of you have when presented with the idea of talking about sex work in your own social circles.

My response is simple, why not?

Are you afraid they’ll alienate you? Worried they’ll think you are a Sex Worker? Do you think they’ll react negatively and that your relationship with them will have to change?

Congratulations, you’ve just got a tiny glimpse into the life of a Sex Worker!

We ask our friends, family and allies to help us tackle the stigma around sex work by having these conversations. Sharing information and taking the time to educate not just yourself but your peers.

As the saying goes, “someone you love is a Sex Worker”, imagine how much more comfortable they would be to see you standing up in support of them. They’d be able to see you as a safe person, someone they can talk to and maybe even come out to. It makes an incredible difference and it’s so easy to do.

So for this IWD and SW Strike, I encourage you – my readers – to educate yourself and others. Share a post from a Sex Worker led group on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or send them to this blog.

Let’s spread compassion and understanding today.

Stay safe & be happy!