Fundraising To Help Umbrella Lane #MakeASpace

Hello lovely humanoids!

I hope you’ve all been keeping well, staying hydrated and enjoying the nicer weather if you’ve been fortunate enough to have it. Today I have some exciting news!

You may or may not have seen that Umbrella Lane have launched a new fundraising campaign to raise money for a new community space. The old community space was wonderful and did so much good for the Sex Worker community. I have so many fond memories from the weekly drop-in sessions as well as the events that were put on there.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to do what I can to help raise money and #MakeASpace for my fellow Sex Workers.

Specifically, I’m going to run 5km each week in May 2021 and I’m aiming to raise £250!

Image Description: Orange background with white text that reads “Running With Blue To Help #MakeASpace” followed by a wavy white underline and then “Help Blue raise money for the Umbrella Lane community space!” in smaller text. Two icons of trainers are on either side of the title. An icon of a woman running is in the bottom right. BlueMerkitten’s logo is on the bottom left.

If you follow me on social media then you’ll already know that I try to go for a run during my lunch break each day (except for one rest day). Generally speaking I manage between 1 and 1.5km during those runs, so this will be a bit of a step up for me and I am a little nervous about keeping up with my target but I know I’ll have all of my friends and followers cheering me on.

If you can afford to sponsor me, that’s awesome! Thank you!

If you’d rather donate directly to the main Umbrella Lane fundraiser, that’s totally fine. You can donate HERE.

Can’t afford to donate? Don’t worry! Why not share some info about the fundraiser? You could help Umbrella Lane reach even more people!

Find out more about Umbrella Lane and their fundraiser HERE.

I’ll also be aiming to post a vlog about this in the near future, so keep an eye out for that! (29.4.21 – watch the vlog here = )

Stay safe & be happy x

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