Favourite Shops/Sellers

Regardless of which persona you know Blue for, you’ll know that she loves to share her finds with her followers. So this page is to highlight her current favourite shops or indie sellers from across the world! Check back each month to see if there have been any updates!

Kitsus Creations

UK Based Indie Seller

Kitsu creates absolutely adorable pet play ears and Japanese inspired accessories. The kitten ears that I’ve purchased from them have been extremely high quality and stunning designs!

Find them on: Etsy or Instagram

Luke & Jack

Glasgow Indie Sex Toy Shop

If I’m looking to buy myself something fun and flirty then Luke & Jack is my go to store! The staff are always friendly, super helpful and quick to help you out if you have any questions. So why not check them out!

Find them on: their website or Twitter

Mint & Mustard

UK Based Indie Seller

Carly is a UK based self proclaimed geek and her dice are wonderful! So far I’ve only bought the one set but with the “Click Clack Club” calling it’s only a matter of time until my next purchase!

Find them on: their website or Instagram

Have a Seller or Shop you think I should check out?

Looking to see more shops and sellers that Blue loves? This is just her current top favourites after all. Just click the button below to see her complete collection of favourite shops/sellers!

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