BlueMerkitten’s Virtual Easter Egg Hunt! – 20.3.21

Hello all!

With it now officially being Spring and Easter just around the corner I’m excited to announce my online virtual Easter egg hunt!

Starting from Monday 22nd you’ll be able to find hidden Easter Merkittens around my website and across all of my social media accounts. There will be 15 Easter Merkittens in total but their release will be staggered over the 13 days so you’ll have to be sure to check back every so often if you want to find them all!

Once you find an Easter Merkitten, it will link you to a google form that will have one question and a way to submit your email address (be sure to use the same email address each time).

Whoever gets the most questions right will be our winner!

Other than bragging rights, you might be wondering what the winner of this virtual egg hunt gets. Well, I’m excited to tell you that there will actually be three winners!

The first-place winner will get a £25 Etsy gift card & an Easter egg of their choice.

The second-place winner will get a £15 Etsy gift card and an Easter egg of their choice.

And finally, the third-place winner will get an Easter card and an Easter egg of their choice.

This virtual egg hunt is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, however, due to the way Etsy gift cards work I will be unable to change the currency. But I will happily discuss options with the winners if they end up not being from the UK.

Be sure to check out the virtual egg hunt main page – HERE – for updates and more information.

Good luck everyone!

Stay safe & be happy x

Published by bluemerkitten

Aspiring alternative model and typical blue haired mermaid/kitten (merkitten).

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