D&D & Updates – 21.6.21

Hey everyone, today’s blog is mostly just a quick catch up.

You might have seen that I’ve been learning how to GM for Dungeons & Dragons over the last few weeks, which has been really fun so far. As part of getting more into Table Top Role Play Games (TTRPG) in general I’ve also done some arts and crafts and turned my living room coffee table into a battle map!

It’s just painted white, with the lines drawn on in sharpie (I had to ask for help, I’m too gay to draw straight lines…) and then a plastic layer on top that means we can draw on it with whiteboard pens and they’ll just wipe off. It’s really useful now that it’s done and I’m super happy with it.

Over the weekend I also got to run some test combat scenarios with my partners and it was a really good learning experience, it’s given me so much more confidence for how much I can throw at my players.

The one less good thing that’s happened recently is that one of the people in my bubble got a positive COVID19 result, so my entire bubble is self isolating at the moment. They’re ok, obviously not feeling great but so far it’s not been so bad as to need to go to hospital.

That does mean that I won’t be running my game on Tuesday night. But that in turn means that I get to take part in a little one shot that my Sporty BF is going to run, which is fun.

So negatives and positives but overall trying to stay positive.

Oh and a friend of mine has said that they’ll send me some mini figures and paint to have a go of painting and that if he likes them then he’ll send me more and feature them in a project he’s working on! So that’s cool ^_^

Here’s a look at some minis I’ve painted so far.

I think that’s everything for now, until next time:

Stay safe & be happy x

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