What’s Going On With OnlyFans? – 25.8.21

Hey everyone! What a crazy few days, eh?

The Story So Far

On Thursday (19.8.21) news outlets started saying OnlyFans (OF) was getting rid of explicit content, to which OF told creators they weren’t and then on Friday (21.8.21) OF sent out a mass email to all creators to confirm that they were getting rid of explicit content.

Over the weekend adult content creators have been scrambling to find new platforms and to figure out how they can convince their subscribers to switch to a new platform.

Now we’ve gotten a vague tweet from the OF official Twitter account saying that the ban of explicit content is going to be paused…

This has also been followed up by an official email which feels as if it’s just their way of saying “ok, you’re making too much noise, so we take it back now please leave us alone”. It feels like they’ll just as soon switch back to telling us they are banning explicit content.

Some are seeing this as a victory. Saying that the pressure and public outrage have meant that OF has changed its mind, or that they found a payment processor that’s willing to work with them…

Forgive me for being cynical, but I get the feeling this is a knee jerk and temporary reaction to seeing how many people are mad about the change. I don’t believe that OF is at all trustworthy after this. Remember, they told news outlets before creators and denied the changes the day before the mass email. They have only once referred to Sex Workers on their tweets and it was in a half baked not even apology.

They have done nothing to support Sex Workers through the chaos that they caused and now they are desperately trying to convince us to stay with them so that they can continue to profit from our insecurity and lack of options.

But we have options. There are so many other sites and so many of us have already started switching to them so there’s no point in turning back now.

So What Now?

In my opinion, we should all carry on as if nothing has changed.

OF is not a safe platform for Sex Workers and it will likely never be. So we as Sex Workers need to move on and find platforms that will be safe for us to use long term.

Some are calling for Sex Workers to unionise and fight these policies and as much as I agree and support this call to action, I’m also trying to be practical and keep a roof over my head. We don’t all have the time/energy/money to get into a long-drawn-out political fight for our right to earn a living. Some of us need to find new income and fast, so unionising is something we have to put on the back burner and leave to our more (financially) stable peers.

Don’t get me wrong, if I can find the spare cash, I will join the United Voices of the World union (the only union in the UK actively supporting Sex Workers, check out their Twitter or go straight to their website). I’ll happily go to any marches or events that I can afford to go to. I’ll share information, make videos/blogs and infographics and generally be as much of an activist as I’m able to be.

But the bottom line is that I need to earn enough money to be able to do all of those things without fear of becoming destitute. So right now my priority – like many other Sex Workers – is finding a new platform and moving as many of my subscribers as I can to it.

Where Are You Moving To?

Right now I’m looking at seven different platforms. It’s a lot of work. I’m slowly uploading years worth of content to each of these platforms and beginning to put together advertising for each of them. Whilst also trying to maintain my OF to avoid losing too much income in the interim.

The seven platforms I’m currently looking into are (cost to subscribe is in the brackets):

  1. MVCrush ($10/month)
  2. AdmireMeVIP (£10/month, UK followers I recommend this platform)
  3. AVNStars ($10/month)
  4. Fansly ($10/month)
  5. Pocketstars ($10/month)
  6. LoyalFans ($10/month)
  7. MyFet (£10/month, they don’t seem to have an easy way to link to your profile though…)

At this point, I feel like my best option is to maintain as many accounts as I can and see which one ends up being the most popular with my subscribers.

It’s a mountain of admin and so frustrating but it seems like my smartest move at this point.

If you’re a Sex Worker and wanting to join any of these platforms consider using my referral link when you sign up. This would mean a lot to me and be a great way to show your support without having to send me anything directly.

Referral Links for Sex Workers:

  1. ManyVids (where MVCrush is)
  2. AdmireMeVIP
  3. AVNStars
  4. Fansly
  5. Pocketstars (struggling to find but will add when I do)
  6. LoyalFans
  7. MyFet

If you are looking to support me through this crazy period but you’re not interested in my NSFW/explicit content then please consider supporting me on Patreon or sending me a tip. I always leave my SFW support options at the bottom of my blog posts so they’re easy to find.

How Can I Support Sex Workers?

The short answer would be to send them money.

The immediate impact all of this has had on Sex Workers is a risk to their income, so if you are in a position to help financially that’s a great way to start.

Can’t afford to send financial support? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. Try and help boost the information that Sex Workers are posting/sharing. 

The long term is a bit more complicated.

Money isn’t everything and eventually, it will be about more than just keeping a roof over our heads. Tackling the prejudice and misinformation surrounding sex work is incredibly important and, for the most part, completely free to do.

Take some time to educate yourself and by that, I mean that you should personally go and do your own research and not ask a Sex Worker to explain everything to you. We have enough on our plates and there’s already so much information and so many different resources available (for free as well as behind paywalls). So take the time and do the work and then come back to start sharing all of that information you’ve learnt.

Follow (and donate to if you can) Sex Worker lead charities and organisations. Not sure what organisations/charities you should support? Here is a very short and not by any means complete, list of groups to check out:

Try to be a visible ally if you can be. Supporting Sex Workers privately and from anonymous accounts is good but if you’re able to show support for Sex Workers publicly that’s amazing and will mean so much to the Sex Workers in your life (there’s likely more of them than you realise). Talk to your local politicians about Sex Worker rights, use your vote to try and bring in better policies for Sex Workers and just generally listen to Sex Workers when they call out for support.

This isn’t an exhaustive list and there will be things I’ve missed but it’s a starting point. If you treat it as a starting point you’ll be fine.

Remember sex work is work and workers deserve rights.

Until the next update (haha),

Stay safe & be happy x

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