24.5.18 Vlogging…I Guess

Attempted my first vlog! Finally, haha, after saying I would start doing one a week and never actually getting around to it. So yeah, first little vlog type video is now available to watch on YouTube – ( https://youtu.be/rUUIXJ81ed0 )

Kept it quite short, rambled a little bit about Kickstarter and had a moment of fangirling over Nayru ( https://www.instagram.com/nayru_sg/?hl=en). Nothing groundbreaking but I had to start somewhere. Aiming to make vlogs a regular thing, just need to figure out what I want to talk about and maybe clear a spot so I can have a nice clear backdrop instead of my chaotic room xD

So let me know what you think, should I aim to have longer vlogs or are shorter ones better? Can I just ramble about whatever comes to mind or is it better to pick a topic? Chances are I’ll mess around until I find the best format but input is always appreciated.

If vlogs aren’t your cup of tea that’s fine, I’ll still be posting blog updates on here whenever something comes to mind that I want to share ^_^

I know I’ve mentioned it a lot already but please go check out my Kickstarter if you haven’t already ( http://kck.st/2LaXljS) there are only 53 days remaining.

22.5.18 – Weekend Break & Updates

Hello Lovelies, if you follow me on my other social media then you might have noticed I had a short weekend break recently. It was nice to spend some time visiting family and enjoying the countryside views. As well as getting to dip my toes in the sea for a little bit.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest so I didn’t get the chance to take very many pictures but I’ll share a few selfies here anyway.

One of the fun things I did get to do – despite the weather meaning I really shouldn’t have – was climbing up a big rock outside the cottage I was staying in. I got a few photos whilst climbing and my Mum was kind enough to take some pictures of me at the top of it and as I was coming back down.

I mentioned this very briefly in a short video I took before climbing the rock ( https://youtu.be/WTOy435axzY ) but there is actually a reason I was so determined to climb it before I went home. The cottage I was staying in is owned by my family and they rent it out as a holiday home to cover the costs of keeping it. However when I was younger it’s where my Gran lived. So we had a lot of family holidays there and it became a sort of tradition for me and my sister to climb the rock at least once whilst we were there.

Despite often being told not to and the caravan site next door complaining when we did xD we were rebellious kids and just wanted to have fun. Climbing it as and “adult” however, I realised how absolutely crazy it was to be climbing and then standing on top of this rock – especially as it had been raining the day before so it was quite slippery. So maybe that wasn’t my smartest choice as a kid but it made a lot of great memories.

Other fun things I did whilst I was away included: having a lovely meal with my Mum and getting to see Deadpool 2 ^_^ check out the food pics! It’s a shame the weather didn’t stay nice and that I couldn’t stay for longer but it was nice to get away and recharge a little.


General Updates


I’ve got a photoshoot tomorrow (23.5.18) with Ronnie, as long as the weather is nice we should be getting some fun outdoor pictures for a new photo set. Still working on the name but I’m thinking along the lines of “A Woodland Festival of Ropes”. So there’s a clue as to what to expect if it does go ahead. For more sneak previews and hints about upcoming photo sets as well as access to all of my photo sets in full – go check out my Patreon!

( https://www.patreon.com/BlueMerkitten )

A quick update on my Kickstarter project: we’ve reached 21% of funding and have 55 days to go. If you haven’t already it would be greatly appreciated if you could share my Kickstarter and it would be even more amazing if you could pledge and help me get closer to achieving the funding target ^_^

( http://kck.st/2LaXljS )

It Begins!

I’ve done it! I’ve launched my Kickstarter! There are now 59 days remaining to get it fully funded!

Please check it out and share if you can. Any pledges would be greatly appreciated. I have four different reward levels to choose from and the money doesn’t get taken unless the project is fully funded by the end of the time limit (59 days remaining).

I’ll be posting regular updates when I can and will likely be spamming about this ever so slightly whilst the project is ongoing.

So pretty please, support if you can or share ^_^

17.5.18 – Life Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Life getting in the way of all the fun things I want to be doing. Well maybe not all of them.

I was away to a LARP last weekend which was lots of fun. If you’ve never heard of LARP before it stands for Live Action Role Play and generally speaking it’s just a more expensive grown up version of playing pretend haha. It’s really good fun though and I recommend giving it a go if you ever get the chance. However the not so fun side to my weekend was that I was in a ridiculous amount of pain.

Starting from a dull ache on Wednesday (9.5.18) and increasing to full on agony in the left side of my jaw which lead to me being unable to eat without crying and taking a dangerous amount of painkillers. But I got home and went to the dentist and they pulled out the offending tooth there and then. Which caught me by surprise. It left me a little shaken but the difference is unbelievable. Virtually no pain (other than the hole where my tooth was haha). You can see the super flattering post tooth removal selfie at the bottom of this post.

Had a photo shoot on the Thursday as well which was difficult whilst in pain but I’ll write a separate blog post on that 🙂

My mum is also visiting for the next week or so. So I’ll likely be a bit busy spending time with family for the next week. Not to worry though I’ll be sure to get a new photo set sorted and published asap 😀

Crowdfunding and #MerMay – 4.5.18

Lately I’ve been considering crowdfunding.

Personally I’m all for people coming together to accomplish a goal and bring something new into the world. It’s exciting and makes me feel like I’m a part of something.

But I think some people aren’t super fond of it and that’s fair enough. We don’t all have to like the same things or whatever.

The reason it’s been on my mind is that I’m thinking about using Kickstarter to raise funds to cover a specific photo shoot I want to do. And if it’s successful then maybe I would continue to use Kickstarter to fund special projects. I’m just concerned people might respond negatively to me using Kickstarter :/

So this is just a little ramble to express my current thoughts and hopefully hear some of yours?


On a more fun note, here’s a little MerMay update!

It’s day 4 which means it’s all about the sparkle – which is perfect when you have a night out on the same day. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait to see what today’s look is. For now you’ll just have to settle for the past 3 days 😀

Day 1: Moon


Day 2: Queen

Day 3: Shells

Having great fun with #MerMay so far. What do you lovelies think?

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