17.5.18 – Life Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Life getting in the way of all the fun things I want to be doing. Well maybe not all of them.

I was away to a LARP last weekend which was lots of fun. If you’ve never heard of LARP before it stands for Live Action Role Play and generally speaking it’s just a more expensive grown up version of playing pretend haha. It’s really good fun though and I recommend giving it a go if you ever get the chance. However the not so fun side to my weekend was that I was in a ridiculous amount of pain.

Starting from a dull ache on Wednesday (9.5.18) and increasing to full on agony in the left side of my jaw which lead to me being unable to eat without crying and taking a dangerous amount of painkillers. But I got home and went to the dentist and they pulled out the offending tooth there and then. Which caught me by surprise. It left me a little shaken but the difference is unbelievable. Virtually no pain (other than the hole where my tooth was haha). You can see the super flattering post tooth removal selfie at the bottom of this post.

Had a photo shoot on the Thursday as well which was difficult whilst in pain but I’ll write a separate blog post on that 🙂

My mum is also visiting for the next week or so. So I’ll likely be a bit busy spending time with family for the next week. Not to worry though I’ll be sure to get a new photo set sorted and published asap 😀

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Aspiring alternative model and typical blue haired mermaid/kitten (merkitten).

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