Blue’s Mini Holiday with the #GymBae 1st – 3rd Nov 2020

Hello all!

I’ve finally managed to get some time to sit down and tell you about my mini holiday! It wasn’t far from home but it was a much needed break from daily life. It was also a wonderful way to celebrate the first anniversary of one of my partners.

We stayed at the gorgeous and entirely dreamy Alamo Guest House for 2 nights and honestly I was so sad to leave haha. The staff were wonderful. The room was gorgeous. Breakfast each morning was scrumptious! Although I have to say the bath and shower might just be the best things about the Alamo.

Here’s just a few pictures to give you an idea of what it was like.

Of course COVID19 restrictions were still in place so we were a little limited to what we could and couldn’t do. Luckily we managed to find some lovely ways to spend our time.

Including going for afternoon tea in the hidden lane tea room!

We had some delicious treats and lovely tea. I couldn’t help but try their oreo brownie and was not at all disappointed, I even found a new favourite tea – London Fog. It was gorgeously sweet and creamy and went perfectly with the brownie. The cups and tea pots were all so cute as well. It really was a lovely afternoon treat.

One other cool thing about the hidden lane tea room that I wanted to tell you all about was their digital tipping. They were using an app called tipjar which let’s you send a tip straight to the staff with the app, meaning I didn’t have to worry about having cash. Which is especially great right now in the middle of a pandemic where we’re all trying not to touch things other people have touched.

So yeah, it was something small but cool that I wanted to share with people ^_^

The other wonderful thing about the Alamo is that it’s just around the corner from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum! So of course we went for a visit. I always like visiting the ancient Egypt section, ever since I was younger, not to mention the really cool taxidermy animals they have on display. I was very chuffed with myself when I managed to remember/guess what a few of the birds were.

We didn’t take many pictures whilst we were in. We were more interested in enjoying the pictures and exhibits that were on display.

Getting out for an evening meal was probably the most tricky part of the entire mini holiday. The restrictions meant that restaurants were closing at around 6pm each night and that most of the places were reservation only.

Which would have been fine if we’d realised that in advance…

Fortunately though Pizza Punks had plenty of space for us (we were the only customers for the first 30-40 minutes of being there) and the staff were so friendly. The food was delicious (even though I misread the menu and ordered spicy pulled pork that left me a little warmer than I’d have liked haha) and I’m so glad we went along. Our waitress Sarah even gave us some love hearts when my partner told her it was our anniversary dinner.

The #GymBae and I did get a giggle out of the Tier 3 deal too. For context, part of the COVID restrictions at Tier 3 was that alcohol wasn’t allowed to be sold in restaurants/pubs/etc. So Pizza Punks gave everyone a pizza and an unlimited refill soft drink for £15 as a special Tier 3 deal.

On the final day of the mini holiday we treated ourselves to one last trip to a cafe.

A small super cute cafe called Okashi with Japanese inspired styling was our final treat. They had unicorn cupcakes, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows, milkshakes that came with a cloud of candy floss on top and so many more adorable sweets. It was lovely.

It was a super cute way to round off the mini holiday and hopefully we’ll get the chance to go back for a second visit some time.

And that’s everything!

It was a super lovely, extremely cute and, much needed, relaxing time away.

With how crazy 2020 has been I can’t even describe how grateful I am that I got to have these few days to relax and unwind. I know I haven’t been the best at keeping you all updated this year but there’s just been so much happening all the time it’s been difficult to keep everything balanced out enough to be able to take the time to sit down and let you all know.

But I’ll be getting my new computer very soon and I’m hoping that will be the push I need to get back on top of my posting schedule. So keep an eye out for (fingers crossed) more regular updates coming soon!

Stay safe & be happy x

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