Catching Up 4.11.2020

Hello all, I almost can’t believe that this is my first blog post of 2020 but at the same time I think that perfectly illustrates how chaotic 2020 has been. When I first decided to write a blog post today it was just to talk about my mini holiday. However after realising that this is the first blog of 2020 I feel I should spend some time catching up on what’s been happening.

The short version would be that I started working for the charity Umbrella Lane, then COVID19 hit the UK and since then it’s been a blur of chaos and doing my best to survive.

But if you’ve been around for any length of time then you know I have so much more to tell you and that this will be a very long blog post (sorry not sorry). You’ve been warned, leave now if you don’t want to read 10 months worth of updates.

Still with me? Ok then, let’s dive into the chaos that is 2020.


My birthday month! 

Although for 2020 I had opted to keep my celebrations minimal as my wedding was to be on the 30th of May 2020 and I didn’t want to spend too much energy on my birthday when I had a wedding to plan. If only I had known what the future had in store. I did get to have a very fun birthday shoot with balloons and cake though, so it wasn’t as if I didn’t do anything.

My mum also got me a new tattoo for my birthday (which is super lovely of her). I got a red umbrella tattoo on the back of my neck (Tattoo’d at Nirvana tattoo studio by Amanda Fox).

This was also when I began working for Umbrella Lane in a more formal capacity – I’d been volunteering with UL for a few months at least by this point.

My SuicideGirls Hopeful set also reached 1000 likes on the 2nd of January (I was over the moon). 


You know what happens in February? Valentine’s day! 

And this year I tried to organise something very ambitious (perhaps a little too ambitious). I attempted to organise a 14 hour cam show featuring other cam models. It was moderately successful but so much fun haha.


This is the month where COVID19 really took hold. The UK lockdown officially started on the 23rd of March 2020.

We had of course started to see the signs of it before then but this was when the reality of it started to seep into our everyday lives.


The month off chocolate eggs, newborn animals and when we had originally intended to run the second Cirque De Fetiche event. However as we were in lockdown the fetish event was cancelled and Bunny Day had to be a little different too.

Instead of spending time with friends eating chocolate, I wore my leather bunny ears out and about whilst walking Bouncer (my adorable dog)


The month started with a very sweet surprise, a fan had bought me some very pretty lingerie off of my wishlist! 

Honestly this set quickly became my new favourite and I don’t think I’ll ever get over how pretty it is and how good I feel in it.

I also tried to get myself to be a little more active, since we were all confined to our homes and I wasn’t getting out as much. Jogging isn’t exactly my favourite activity but it was permitted exercise and something I needed to help me get by.

This was also the month that Umbrella Lane started hosting online workshops to try and provide entertainment and education for the Sex Worker community. I hosted a workshop titled “How To Improve Your Online Hustle” which I wanted to act as a 101 to online sex work for people already doing sex work.

To finish the month with something dramatic I cut my hair!

I put it into a high ponytail, grabbed the kitchen scissors and chopped off about two thirds of it haha. You can watch the video here if you’d like: 


I continued to try and get into a routine of going for jogs, it was somewhat successful.

I made a whole bunch of content for my subscription sites.


I got cute new handmade earrings from a shop called Quirky D3signs. Had a go at a Monster Hearts tabletop role play session. Monster Hearts was lot’s of fun but I’m glad we switched it up to college rather than high school.

Over at UL we used one of my photos to run a little caption contest, nothing serious, just something light hearted to try and brighten up people’s social media. The winner got a tote bag and pen.


UL had a super interesting online workshop hosted by Marla Stewart from Velvet Lips, she was a very cool lady and was going over some basic tips for impact and breath play.

I also received another gift from a fan! This time it was a nun costume and horns haha, so of course I had plenty of fun dressing up and messing around. 


Did you know that the 1st of September is #InternationalVultureAwarenessDay? Did you also know that I once had a vulture land on me as part of a birds of prey show? It was very cool haha.

I also finally got to go to my hairdressers for the first time in 2020! It felt so good to be back haha. They did a wonderful job – as always.

On the 11th of September two things happened: first of all I had a wonderful time doing a photo shoot for Sex Worker Pride for UL and second a new consultation was announced but I’ll try not to rant about that too much right now.

The end of the month was my beloved’s birthday and we even managed to go out for a nice meal to celebrate. Joined last minute by a dear friend that we hadn’t really been able to see because of the restrictions and ending the day with a fun little shopping spree.


The spookiest and best month of the year!

Even with COVID19 restrictions changing every other weekend and not really being able to celebrate with friends, October/Halloween is one of my favourite times of year. If you couldn’t tell that from how much I enjoy dressing up then I’m really surprised.

It’s also Bouncer’s birthday! This year he turned 4! We even got him a cake and some dog lollipops. He was spoiled rotten by his Granny with new coats and a new harness from Just Nuisance Boutique. And the gym bae also got him some cosy jammies to help keep him calm during firework season.

Due to all of the work demands I didn’t really manage to dress up very much. The consultation really took up basically all of October (and will be getting a separate blog post).


Despite the month having just started it’s going wonderfully.

I’m just back after a 3 day mini holiday with the gym bae, we were celebrating the fact that we’ve been dating for an entire year and had such a lovely time. I will be going into my mini holiday in more depth in a separate blog but I figured I’d mention it now so that we’re all caught up.

And that’s the story so far! (I’m sure I’ll have missed some things)

2020 has been all over the place and on one hand I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone but on the other it feels like I’ve been wading through hip high mud all year and I’m desperate to move on and get back to solid ground.

I hope you’ve been keeping well and have been following me on social media so this isn’t actually the first time you’ve heard from me this year haha.

Stay safe & be happy x

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