New Years – 31.12.19

Hello lovelies!

Here we are at the end of the year and the eve of the new year. It’s an energising time of year, a time of reflections and resolutions. So let’s make today’s post about the things that have happened this year and finish with looking to the future.






The start of the year was much like the rest of the year: hectic.

But I did manage to get some fabulous photo shoots, one for my birthday and one for Burn’s night.





February was Valentine’s day and again I got some lovely shoots organised. It was also when I started sending out the rewards from my Suicide Girls Hopeful Set Kickstarter (try saying that 3 times fast haha). I’m still so unbelievably thankful to everyone that chipped in to that Kickstarter and I am considering doing another one in the future but there are so many things I would change. So I’ll keep you updated on that haha.





March went by in a bit of a blur to be honest, there was a fun witchy shoot and prep for Easter shoots. I got along to a local LARP that I’d been meaning to go to for the longest time, so that was fun. Spent so much time with Bouncer at the park hahaha.





Started with my hair colour being refreshed by my favourite hairdressers ^_^ it’s always nice to start the month with a colour top up. There was a lot of exploring in April, seeing as the weather was better. I went to the Botanic Gardens, and abandoned Walled Garden, Chatelherault, Glasgow Green and an abandoned cement mill. Then of course I had my Easter bunny photo shoot. Finishing the month off over in Edinburgh for the Beltane Fire Festival!





Started with the trek home from Edinburgh and just over a week later was followed up with a trek down south for LARP. The weather was reaching its peak – thankfully this was when my Bandelettes arrived! Just as we were getting into the warmest weather – when the risk of chub rub is at its highest – and honestly, I still can’t describe how much better they made my life. It’s amazing what a band of lace can do haha. The end of May had the AMOTY2019 auditions (which I made it through but couldn’t attend the finals).





Had some very interesting photo shoots, not all of which were my favourite but it was certainly a good learning experience. It was also the month we took Bouncer on an accidental 3 hour walk…having decided to explore a back path at Chatelherault but not realising how long it was…ooops. I went along to a small protest in Glasgow to draw attention to the fact that the government was considering legislation that would shut down strip clubs and potentially put 700 workers out of a job. Ended up in the papers haha. Went swimming in a stream up North. Had a BBQ in a thunderstorm – as is becoming the tradition. 





Is when a very lovely fan bought me a big floppy sun hat to save me from the strange glowing orb that had decided to visit Scotland. It was also started off with a wonderful group shoot with my gals! We – as usual – got up to plenty of mischief and got tons of awesome photos. I continued to go along to #AskThe700 campaign days in Glasgow, giving out flyers, trying to get people to fill in the consultation and generally doing my best to raise awareness and fight stigma. In line with that, I was over the moon that my “Stop Censoring Sluts” crop top from BeABimbo & Exotic Cancer arrived whilst the weather was still good. It’s super comfy and I can’t wait for the sun to come back so I can wear it more often (and without freezing my tummy). July was also when Glasgow held it’s MardiGla day – which was essentially a mini pride event. Lot’s of LGBT+ friendly stalls and merch. Amazing people wearing fabulous outfits. I got so many badges! It was good fun. The month finished up with a hair colour top up, some photo shoots and a picnic with pizza!





Brought a visit from my Mum and another trek down south for LARP. I got to play a very spooky tooth monster, which I loved and the players hated haha. Whilst my Mum was visiting, we also went to see my Sister and an old family friend, which was nice. I went to my second nerf game and got shot a lot haha. The month finished off with a protest against Brexit (I’m still holding out hope that we come to our senses) and some time with friends.





Brought a bit of house tidying, a trip to ikea and very pretty new lingerie.As well as a spooky home shot Friday the 13th shoot. I took my youngest Sister to get her hair dyed for the first time, which was very exciting. She settled on a very summery beach look after changing her mind four times haha. It was gorgeous though. Went down South for a Nerf game, had a great time and got to explore a giant army surplus shop. The end of the month was my partner’s birthday and you can guarantee we got up to plenty of fun things to celebrate haha. 





Is the best month because no one judges you for getting dressed up! So I took full advantage of that and got as many spooky Halloween shoots as I could. Even the LARP event that month was spooky! I got to play a very fun spooky goo monster and jump scare players. I pulled together my Booette costume (which I’ll be getting proper pictures of for next year) thanks to the brilliant craft work of one of my LARP friends. I got along to a Scot-Pep fundraiser event with Jazz and had a lovely evening,despite getting a little lost trying to find the place haha. Then on the 30th it was Bouncer’s birthday! So as is becoming tradition, we all put on our pumpkin attire and went for a walk to play in the big park. Finishing the month with the spookiest day of all spent helping out at a Domme session ^_^ Although I suppose I should mention it was October when I kind of realised I wasn’t coping as well as I was pretending I was and finally went to the doctor to try and get some help, it was also when I decided I was going to stop drinking for a while. But it was still a good month and lots of fun.





Started with a belated Halloween party. My Booette costume got lots of love – especially after I explained what it was haha. I had a marvellous brunch with all of the people that survived the party. Then had to return to normality, tidying up my flat and doing a little rearranging of my room. Got my hair topped up just in time for my JacqTheStripper t-shirt to arrive! Granted I had gotten a bigger size than I needed but I always worry about sizing online and I’d rather something was a bit bigger than a bit small. I went to two Nerf events in a row and got to slide down a skate park ramp whilst also having managed to hit slightly more people than I had before – steady progress. I got started on the xmas themed shoots towards the end of November. Figured I’d try and stay ahead as long as I could. I had also spent the month doing a fair bit of volunteering for both THT and Umbrella Lane which was great and I’m hoping to continue my work with both of them in the new year. 





Has flown by, it’s the 31st as I’m writing this blog and honestly I don’t know where the time has gone haha. It’s been a ridiculously busy month. It started with a last minute work trip to Edinburgh for a few days. Using my free time to make up sashes for Cirque De Fetiche which was being held on the 20th that I’d only really gotten on board with during the last week of November. As soon as I returned from Edinburgh I had a photo shoot with the gals then I was basically spending all of my free time doing work for CDF, writing up planning docs, making a Twitter, making content for social media as well as getting myself ready for it. With a small break on the 12th to go and vote and try to encourage other people to vote too. The advantage to being in control of so many different social media accounts is that I can reach a far larger audience and potentially get more people up and doing things. We didn’t really bother with xmas decorations this year but my friend made us a wreath for our door which was lovely. I topped up my colour at home and even went to the trouble of matching all of my fluff haha. Went to see the new Star Wars at the midnight showing, despite being thoroughly exhausted from working so much. I enjoyed it but don’t worry I won’t go into it so there’s no spoilers here. The day of the CDF event arrived and as expected was chaotic as hell but we managed. I’m beyond grateful to all of my friends that came along and lent a hand. We would have really struggled if they hadn’t given us their time. I slept until about 3pm the day after the event – granted we didn’t get home until 4:30am but I was so dead. Surprisingly, my feet were mostly fine, I had survived 5 hours in 7 inch stripper heels! Then on Sunday I went along to see Closet Organ playing in town, I was too tired to stay for the whole gig but I was really glad I managed to see them perform. It was a very enjoyable gig and if I hadn’t been so tired I think  it could have been a proper riot of a night. Then it was xmas day and I was still exhausted but we had a lovely dinner with the family and got home and slept like logs. I’ve spent the last of this month resting, prepping and doing some charity shop hunting. Tonight I’ll be heading down to the borders to have new years with some friends I only see once a blue moon so I’m looking forward to it. Plus it’ll be a great chance to get rid of some of the alcohol I still have in the flat haha. It’s a weird transition moving from the “party flat” to the “we don’t drink” flat but I do think it’s for the best. So that’s it for 2019. It’s been a bonkers year but it had a lot of good stuff. 





As much as I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s resolutions I do like to try and set myself goals and think about things I’d like to do in the new year. I never really put too much emphasis into them because I know if I did then I’d get really stressed out if I don’t achieve them. So I keep it casual or I set small goals that I’m sure I’ll be able to accomplish.


For 2020, I’d like to learn to do the splits (both ways). I think that’s achievable if I keep up my stretching.


Other things I’d like to happen that probably won’t are things like: learning to drive, getting a car and buying a house. Mostly because those all rely on having money. Being freelance tends to mean money isn’t very stable so you have to take each day as it comes.


But I’m feeling positive that 2020 will be a year of continuing growth, I’ve already got so many plans and ideas for the year so as long as I can stay motivated, I think it’ll be good.


Plus I’m getting married in 2020 so it’s bound to be a great year haha!


Whatever the new year brings you and whatever 2019 was for you I hope that you can stay safe and be happy x


stay safe be happy.jpg



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