International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers 2019 – 17.12.19

Afternoon all, I know it’s been a while since my last blog post and I have so much to catch you up on but today is a very important day and deserves it’s own blog post.


Today (17th December 2019) is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers day.

It’s a day of remembrance and hope for the future for workers across the world.

Here in Scotland there are multiple sex worker led charities that have arranged events to commemorate the occasion and to bring the community together. I’ll be attending Umbrella Lane’s vigil this evening in Glasgow, where we’ll be remembering those we’ve lost and sharing our hopes and wishes for the future. If you’re a worker in the Glasgow area and want to get involved then feel free to reach out to them on social media or via their website.


If you’ve been following me for any length of time then you’ll be well aware that sex work is something I’m always striving to fight the stigma of and to continue fighting for rights and policy that the workers themselves are asking for.

Unfortunately in recent times I’ve been hearing that Scotland is considering following the harmful lead of the “Nordic Model” and is looking to criminalise buyers. I could go into a full on rant as to why this is bad but frankly I don’t have the energy right now – the information is out there – Google it.

Which brings me to my closing points for today’s blog.

As with all minority groups struggling to fight stigma and gain rights, we don’t always have the energy to educate everyone on everything. You can’t expect the already oppressed to use up all of their energy to inform those that live comfortably in the category of the oppressors. Educate yourself. Tip a sex worker. Pay for your porn. Vote for politicians that support workers and not “exit programs”. Listen to the people these policies will have a direct effect on. Fight for social security. Look out for your neighbours. Build a stronger community and remember that we’re all human beings just trying to survive in this world.

And as always, stay safe and be happy x

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