We’re All Adults Here – 22.2.19

Happy Friday!

Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week and if not then I hope you have an extra great weekend ^_^

I wanted to chat about adult content today, specifically the fact that I have been slowly side stepping further into the NSFW community recently. Well to be entirely accurate I’ve been in the community for the past ~3 years but in terms of my modelling persona I’m only really starting to dive in.

The main reason for this has been money – sex sells after all – I’ve got bills that don’t pay themselves haha.

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have noticed that I start my bio by saying that I post 18+ content and that I don’t want minors following me. That’s not to say that I post explicit content (not that there’s anything wrong with posting explicit content), it’s just to say some of my content is NSFW and I’d prefer not to have someone under 18 viewing my content. Honestly I think I’d rather not deal with minors regardless of what content I’m posting.

Just feels weird talking to people under 18 that aren’t related to me.

Of course I will always have a SFW online presence (Facebook, YouTube and Patreon for example), so if you’re really not interested in being exposed to the NSFW content there will always be somewhere for you to go and continue supporting me.

But I’ve reached the stage where I have a wide enough portfolio that I can start focusing on what’s going to make me money without too much fear of getting type cast. It’s still a concern obviously but I can at least point to all my SFW content and say “but look! It’s not all about my ass and tits!”. Some of you will be glad I’m taking a proper step into the NSFW side of things and some of you won’t but we’re all adults here and can respect that different people get to do different things even if we don’t necessarily agree with it ^_^

So this is my sort of official statement, I am consciously producing more adult content and if you don’t want to be a part of that then I hope you’ll still follow my SFW content. Otherwise let’s get excited and make some awesome stuff 😀

Photo by: @radiomoths Featuring: @bluemerkitten & @fairydolittle


** Photographers! Don’t forget I’m having a studio day with @jazzebell_ next month! **


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