Dealing with Frustration – 18.3.19

Hey lovelies, happy Monday!

For today’s blog I wanted to talk about something that I sometimes struggle with – dealing with frustration. We all get frustrated sometimes. Things don’t go the way we want them to and we have to change our plans last minute, it’s frustrating but we get through it.

Recently I’ve been dealing with a lot of frustration caused by people not being as professional as I would have liked them to be. As you should all know, I’m a self employed freelance model. I find all my own work. I organise and plan all of my shoots and sell of of my content basically by myself. I’ve worked in professional settings previously and consider myself to be a fairly professional person – I take all of my work seriously (because if I don’t then how would I pay my bills?) and find it very frustrating when people don’t take me seriously.

So when people don’t read my castings properly and respond with irrelevant messages I get a bit frustrated. Or when people cancel last minute with little to no explanation, leaving me to try and salvage situations and making me look bad – that gets me frustrated. If someone leaves me to do everything and then benefits off my hard work whilst I get left with a loss, I get a bit upset – it’s frustrating after all.

It’s far too easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed when things start to get frustrating so I figured I’d share some of the things I like to do to help me deal with my frustration.

  1. Make New Content

It might sound a little funny but when I’m getting super frustrated sometimes one of the best things I can do to pull myself out of it is to start working on something new. I start planning new outfits, take test shots of poses. Post some casual content on my socials and wait for feedback.

It can be really god to channel that frustration into something productive and sometimes I’ll come up with something I never would have thought of if I hadn’t gotten so stressed out.

2. Have a Cuppa

Sometimes the only cure for a bad day is a good cup of tea. Just sit back, tune out from social media and let yourself unwind for the time it takes to drink. Pair it with a book and you’re sorted haha.

3. Walk it Off


One of the advantages of having the most energetic doggo you’ve ever met is that I’ve always got a great walking companion haha. Bouncer is happy to listen to me rant as we walk until I get tired. Some of his best walks have been my most relaxing. It can be really good to just get some fresh air and get away from my laptop.

You don’t have to walk for miles, just getting a bit of a change of scenery can be enough to help you reset, I find.

4. Take Some “You” Time

Torture Garden

Whether it’s just a quickie or a super indulgent “get the toys out” kind of time, sometimes it’s the only way to really calm yourself and get back to a level head so you can look at your next steps without murdering anyone first haha. (yes I’m talking about masturbating, grow up)

5. Socialise

Granted not everyone is an extrovert so this may end up being more draining for you but I always find that being around the right people can bring me out of any mood.

I don’t mean go get wasted and try to drink your problems away – that’s not likely to work. I just mean spend some time with people you like, doing something that’s low energy.

Have a home made meal, do a movie marathon, have a games night or just hang out and catch up. It doesn’t have to be something crazy to be good fun.

But my friends have always been so supportive and have gotten me through so much so just remember it’s important to have people you can spend time with and to de-stress with every once in a while.


Those are my go to solutions when it comes to dealing with frustration. I’m not saying they work every time. They might not be the best solution for you. They’re just some things that you can try next time you’re feeling frustrated and need a way to chill out again.

What do you do when you’re trying to deal with something frustrating?

Thanks for checking in, until next time – stay safe and be happy!

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