A Day of Love – 14.2.19

Happy Valentines Day!

Whether your pampering yourself, your friends or a loved one I hope that today is good to you!

Let’s focus on spreading love and not get bogged down by the sales and imposed relationship ideals of the day.

For valentines I got together with some of my modelling friends and we got a little wild haha, if you’re following me on Twitter then you’ve likely already seen some previews of what I’m taking about but if you haven’t then worry not, I’ve got some great photos to share with you here!

Photo by: @radiomoths Models (from left to right): BlueMerkitten, Jazzebell_, heya.alice, fairydolittle

Just girls being girls! Hee hee ^_^ we took over 300 photos as well as some behind the scenes videos and selfies :p


But I do want to take a moment and talk about the haters that want to ruin everyone’s good mood. Not necessarily specifically on Valentines day but just in general. People that just always seems to bring the mood down and go out of their way to cause trouble for others.

At the dog park today, with my beloved and my bouncy boy, whilst enjoying a nice afternoon walk we met another dog. A lovely little black and white spaniel. Bouncer did his usual lie down and wait for the dog to approach before springing up to play. But this time he was a little barky and boisterous (he can come on a little strong sometimes but it’s just because he’s excited), so of course we immediately step in and call him away to calm him down.

The only problem being the owner of the lovely spaniel was a homophobic grumpy older gent. Who’s immediate response to a dog barking whilst playing was to yell at us to “get that dog under control”, despite the fact we had already moved to do so.

Andy got annoyed by the man’s overreaction and told him not to be a cunt – pretty typical statement – to which the older gent replied he was going to call the police???? Which is of course ridiculous and obviously he didn’t. We then began to walk away with the older gent yelling after us then beginning to follow us. At this point I tell him to be on his way, his response is to start threatening that if he ever sees our dog again he’ll do something about.

Andy obviously upset and furious that this man is threatening our dog replies along the lines of if we ever see him again we’ll fight him. The man responds “you see me now”. I keep us walking and the man shouts after us again saying “what do you think you’re some kind of lesbians then?” (pretty sure that’s word for word what he said). We’re both bristled by this and yell back, I say it’s 2019 and he should get a grip and we keep walking.

Getting back into our stride we notice the man has stopped to talk to some other walkers and we strongly suspect he was talking about us but we carried on and had a nice time with Bouncer before heading home again.

But really the aggression that older gent was spewing at us was entirely unnecessary and is a perfect example of people that just can’t be happy and take situations as they come. They’ve got no chill and I feel sorry for them.

Let’s get back to the fun stuff though ^_^

You know who’s great for chilling out and having a great time with? My girls!

Gags _ Paddles-6.jpg
Photo by: @radiomoths Models: @fairydolittle, @jazzebell_ , @heya.alice and @blumerkitten

Haha we know how to have a good time, that’s for sure!

If you want to see the rest of the photos from our crazy valentine’s shoot then you’ll have to head over to my OnlyFans or be on the look out for more previews being posted on my socials!

like this.jpg
Photo by: @radiomoths Models: (left) @bluemerkitten (right) @jazzebell_

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