Milestones and Morons – 10.2.19

As I write this I am 21 followers away from 200 on Twitter, 34 followers away from 500 on Instagram and at 51 followers on SuicideGirls. I’m pretty close to some milestones and I’m excited about it. The unfortunate truth that for my modelling career to be successful I have to play the popularity game – the larger following I have the more likely I am to be successful. Obviously it’s not quite as simple as that but popularity plays a large role in being successful in the modelling industry.

However there is another “milestone” that I woke up to discover I had “achieved” this morning. I got my first unsolicited “dick pic” from a stranger on Instagram. I blocked them and got on with my day but it’s been sitting at the back of my mind so I wanted to have a quick ramble about it.

You may be aware of the fact that most female presenting social media personalities often speak out about the inappropriate content they get sent (dick pics, weird messages, threats, etc) and if not then prepare yourself for a rude awakening. It’s all too common now for people to have to deal with being sent things that people just have no business sending. But it’s often dismissed and we’re told “just block them” or “what did you expect when you post…” which doesn’t help anyone and just blames the receiver for the sender’s lack of manners/common sense. Of course I’m not saying this only happens to female presenting folks, just going from my own circle of experience.

But the worst part of this is that I do kind of see it as a milestone.

It’s almost like I’ve unlocked an achievement, except it’s one of those awful ones that’s put in as a joke but somehow ends up becoming a big deal.

If you’ve been following my modelling from the start you will have noticed that I’m only just starting to move towards the more “sexy” kind of styles – the main reason being I wanted to make sure I started off “safe for work”. I’ve never had an issue with being more “not safe for work”, I just didn’t want to get type cast from the beginning.

After over a year and having gotten published as well as getting to the final four of the #AMOTY2018 contest I felt I had a solid enough foundation to start moving into more “nsfw” content. I had reached some milestones and was excited to get to the next ones. Part of that is why I’ve submitted a set to SuicideGirls. That would be an awesome milestone to achieve ^_^

What I’m trying to say – despite the rambling – is that I’m proud of myself for reaching the milestones I have and that some milestones really just shouldn’t exist.

“Snake Shoot” Photo by Donald Feist

What milestones have you reached that you’re proud of? Tell me in the comments!

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