AMOTY2018 – My Thoughts

Hello lovelies!

AMOTY 2018 has come and gone – I made it to the top four of my category and I’m super hyped about that, so I wanted to write a blog about my experiences.

(heads up this will probably be quite long)

You may have already watched my vlog (and if not then watch it here) so you may already know a little of what was happening but I’ll be starting from the beginning anyway so don’t worry if you’re not up to speed 😀

A few months ago I was happily surprised to find out I had made it to the finals of the alternative modelling contest. Having entered mostly to see what it would be like and having no real ambition to win I was happy but not overly excited. I then began to consider outfit ideas and decided I wanted to go for a softer more “cutesy” alternative look.


So with that in mind I decided to order a custom corset from “Corsetry and Couture” to complete the outfit I had in mind.

The owner of “Corsetry and Couture” – Aimee – was more than happy to take on my order and was easy to communicate my ideas to so I was confident she would provide me with exactly what I needed (spoiler alert, I was right).

The contest organizers had emailed all the contestants to let us know there would be questions asked at the contest that we would need to be prepared to answer, these questions were released about a month before the date of the competition. Being honest I had wanted to have the questions before then and had wished there was a little more guidance in regards to how long an answer we should have prepared. Nevertheless I was starting to get excited and decided to use the questions as vlog topics so that I would get practise answering them out loud and sort of in front of an audience (my webcam kind of counts…right?).

Moving on a few weeks I was starting to get anxious that my outfit still wasn’t complete. I had been unable to find a dress that worked with my idea and hadn’t found anyone to commission an outfit from that would have been able to make it in time. So I decided to try to use clothes I already owned. I had a crop top that was perfect but I didn’t have any skirts that would work. After checking online and in shops it seemed the only way I’d be able to get a skirt to match my outfit concept was to make it myself.

Making my own clothes has always been something that I’d intended to learn to do. However at this point I had never made an item of clothing for myself. That didn’t put me off though, I was confident I would be able to do it. Despite not looking up any information on how to actually make a skirt…The stress of life was getting to me at the time and I definitely wasn’t thinking straight but after a few hours hunched over the sewing machine I had made a skirt!

Yes the skirts waistband was very messy and uneven. Yes I had had to un-stitch and re-sew a few sections once or twice. But it was definitely a skirt and it was closer to what I wanted than I had been able to find anywhere else – so I was pretty chuffed with myself.

So I had the skirt and the top as well as all of my accessories, all I needed was the corset. It was a week until the competition. I was getting really anxious and messaging Aimee every other day. Despite this she was incredibly patient and reassuring and sent my corset special delivery so that it would arrive just in time for me to do a test run and then pack to go the next day.

Everything seemed to be falling into place.

Until Royal Mail screwed up the delivery…

Despite Aimee having done her part perfectly, the wrong address had somehow been attached to my package. Meaning that they didn’t deliver it to me and instead were supposedly returning it to the sender. I tried to phone and figure out what had happened – got no answer and was on hold for longer than I care to admit. I even went down to my local delivery office to see if they could help but they were closed…

closed royal mail.jpg

Of course I started panicking. The corset was the center piece of my outfit. It was essential to pull all of the separate parts together. And it was lost in the post…

Aimee was immediately calling to find out what had happened and how to fix it, she was told the package would be returned to her by 1pm the next day. Which obviously was not ideal and certainly not what was supposed to happen.

But we were trying to stay positive and work around the mistake. It was decided that once it was re-delivered to Aimee she would then bring it to me in Newcastle as she had a fitting there anyway. Trying to stay calm I agreed and went about getting ready to go. Making sure I packed a back up outfit just in case.

The next day Aimee is informed that the package is being held at my delivery office and will be kept there for 18 days before being returned.

We’re both freaking out at this point.

However Aimee – being the amazing creature that she is – decided to go above and beyond and make a replacement corset for me overnight! 

This did, however, mean that I was going to the contest without my full outfit. So I had to bring along my back up outfit as well.

Before the competition began there was a small alternative market running, which had some really cool stuff. Original artwork, up-cycled goods, handmade denim clothes and dog clothes, jewelry and even a deadlock stall. I fell in love with an adorable pair of Mushroom earrings which Andy was really nice and bought for me ^_^

(Check out their etsy store here)

mushroom earrings.jpg

So I had registered and was backstage getting ready. I didn’t know if Aimee would make it to me in time and I wasn’t sure how much time I would have to change if I had to resort to my back up outfit so I was trying to do my make up in a way that would suit both outfits and practiced walking in the two different pairs of shoes I had brought with me.

It got to about an hour before the competition was due to start, I was just waiting on my corset being delivered by Aimee…


I was getting really anxious. Pacing up and down, clicking my fingers and twitching my knee whenever I sat down. I’m fairly sure I was driving the other contestants crazy but I couldn’t help it, I was really anxious and panicking that Aimee wouldn’t make it on time.

But thank the stars she did!

She arrived with my corset and even laced me into it before giving me a hug and wishing me luck. I can not express fully just how grateful and relieved I was to finally be dressed in my complete outfit. My mood lifted instantly and I think everyone could sense it.

The start had been delayed slightly so the girls I was getting ready with decided to do some last minute prep for the questions – I offered to help by reading out the questions to them and gave my opinion on their answers.

They were all so lovely! We had been having such fun getting ready together and helping each other get through the anxiety and stress when things went wrong.


(The girl in the left pic is Carrie, in the right pic in the middle is Tam and on the end is Gabbi – both Tam and Gabbi were the winners of their age categories!)

Honestly it feels like I’ve made some new best friends and I hope we can all stay in touch and hopefully see each other back at #AMOTY2019 haha.

The closer it got to the start of the contest the more anxious everyone was getting, it didn’t help that they got us all lined up in our categories then had us standing around waiting for probably at least 45 minutes. Every time we thought about just relaxing they would come back through and check we were all in order and we’d all tense up again.

Eventually the competition got underway and the contestants were brought out in order of category and then name. Which was fine, except that the person announcing the categories and names kept getting things wrong. Not that it’s an easy job but it just felt so unorganized and chaotic – which did nothing to help my anxiety. The poor guy got so muddled up that when it came to the question section where he was calling back contestants he skipped the category before mine and called my name out when I was at the literal opposite end of the room.

I had been enjoying watching the people before my section coming up and answering and had expected him to stay in order and call Tam’s category next, however he made a mistake and moved onto my category which I was first on the list for (curse you alphabetical ordering!).

Having ran to the stage I was still a little breathless when he asked me my question (running in a corset isn’t the best idea) and wasn’t really prepared to answer any of the questions because I had been caught so off guard. Despite that I still felt I answered well enough and came across as far calmer than I felt haha.

After the questions we had to wait for the judges decision – I don’t envy that struggle. There were so many wonderful contestants I honestly don’t know how I would have chosen if I were in their shoes.

Although that is something I wish they had done differently.

There were so many contestants. My category alone must have had around 24 people. It really felt as if they should have narrowed it down more. Maybe had a semi finals or even just gotten people to submit a secondary audition to then proceed to the finals. And seeing as they want more people participating next year then I really think they’ll have to do something to thin out the final numbers.

After a while the judges had finally come to a decision and we were all called back to find out who the winners were.

Backstage was crazily tense.

Everyone that had been shortlisted were standing close to the stage, ready to hear who the lucky winner was.

I watched two girls from the youngest age bracket standing holding hands – one of them, the winner, was clutching a Po teletubby plushie – it was so cute and emotional and so many people were on the verge of tears. I wish I had taken photos but honestly it’s etched into my mind and I’ll never forget the look on her face when she realised it was her name that had been called.

Gabbi and I had been hugging or holding hands throughout all of the announcements, cheering everyone on and wishing them all luck. Cheering our hearts out when Tam’s name was called and hugging her half to death before she could get on stage.

Then it was our category and we were both telling each other that the other had won.

Gabbi’s name was called and we burst into smiles and hugs and cheering before I shoved her towards the stage, she was holding back tears as she got her winner’s sash. I was so proud and elated to have shared that moment with her.

After all of the winners were announced we got tidied up and got ready to either go home or go party.

I wanted to drop off my stuff at our hostel before heading to the after party so I had let everyone know and was heading off with Andy when I heard my name being called by one of the guys that had been working with the staff.

Turned out he was an agency scout and was giving me a business card to get in touch and possibly get signed with the agency he worked with. I was a little taken aback and didn’t really know how to respond so I said thank you (a lot) and headed back to hostel with a huge smile on my face.

Fast forward to getting to the after party – which was mobbed – Andy and I got a drink, hugged everyone some more and taught everyone that you can do the slosh to “Du Hast” haha. But after that we were both exhausted and decided to call it an early night. We had to get the bus back to Glasgow the next day and didn’t fancy a four hour drive whilst hungover.

So there you have it! I’m sorry it was so long haha but thank you for taking the time to read it ^_^

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