Updates – 3.11.18

Hey all, hope you had a spooktacular Halloween ^_^

Unfortunately I had been a little under the weather so didn’t get to be as festive as I would have liked and my Halloween set was late being released so it’s still in the process of making it’s way out to all of supporters on my various platforms. But I’m well on my way to be being 100% once again and wanted to give you all some quick updates.

fave 1.jpg
Sneaky Preview of my “Twisted Red Riding Hood” set by @ianpaterson44

So I’ve had a few people ask for updates on my Suicide Girls project and I’m so grateful to everyone for being so patient and continuing their support – so I’m happy to be able to say that the current estimate is that I’ll have the photos back for the end of November!

At that point I’ll have to send away for prints and get other bits and pieces sorted and sent out to the Kickstarter supporters. I feel bad that it’s taken me this long but we’re so close now and that’s really exciting!

Then I’ll be submitting my set to become an official Hopeful Suicide Girl. At that point it’s out of my hands and I’ll just have to wait and see if I get selected.

complimentry tea
BTS Selfie from the SG shoot

The other super exciting project that’s coming up very soon – just under 2 weeks – is the #AMOTY2018 contest!

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel then you’ll have seen my question prep vlogs that I’ve been doing recently. There are four more of those to come and I’m aiming to do some makeup test videos next week as well. Partly to let me practice and partly to let you all see what I’m planning haha.

My outfit is a tiny bit behind schedule and I still need a few things to complete it but I’m hoping I’ll get to do an outfit reveal video as well before the competition. Although parts of it have already been seen ;p

But if you happen to be in Newcastle on the 17th and want to come along to the show then you can find tickets here or you can come along to the free market that they’re having. There will be all sorts of cool alternative items available to purchase. Or you can skip all of that and just show up to the after party haha.

That’s pretty much everything ^_^ hope you lovelies are having a super weekend!

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