25.4.18 – “Wet AF” with Lee Jones and Jazzebell

My second shoot with Lee Jones (aka Radiomoths) as photographer and my first time working with the fabulous Jazzebell. Which came about due to the fact that they were both staying with me for a little while and Jazz wanted to get some water themed images. So the only logical thing to do was haveContinue reading “25.4.18 – “Wet AF” with Lee Jones and Jazzebell”

18.4.18 – Radiomoths (aka Lee Jones) – “City Mischief”

This was my first time working with Lee but he’s a photographer that I’ve been dying to work with for far too long haha. If you happen to be a Catty regular then there’s a good chance he’s taken your picture at some point. This shoot was mostly just for fun and didn’t really haveContinue reading “18.4.18 – Radiomoths (aka Lee Jones) – “City Mischief””

11.4.18 – Ronnie – “cute n killer”

Ronnie is a photographer I’ve worked with for a fair while now and he’s been great to work with. We’ve both learnt so much working together and it really shows with each new shoot. For our most recent shoot I decided to try and go with the theme of “cute n killer” – this wasContinue reading “11.4.18 – Ronnie – “cute n killer””