18.4.18 – Radiomoths (aka Lee Jones) – “City Mischief”

This was my first time working with Lee but he’s a photographer that I’ve been dying to work with for far too long haha. If you happen to be a Catty regular then there’s a good chance he’s taken your picture at some point.

This shoot was mostly just for fun and didn’t really have a particular theme. It was definitely more of a “getting to know you” kind of day. We wandered around Glasgow Green and down some back streets taking pictures of anything that caught our eye.

Would love to work with Lee again, the pictures we got were fantastic plus he got them back to me in no time at all! Which is amazing. Absolute pleasure to work with.

I now have the pleasure of hosting for both Lee and Jazz as they continue on their tour, which is super cool. They’ve been fantastic and even made an awesome vegan hoisin duck dinner ^_^

Check out Lee –




Check out Jazz-


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