SG Shoot Update – 7.8.18

Hello all, super quick update in regards to my Suicide Girls Hopeful photo shoot – we now have a date set so all that’s left to do is get my outfit sorted and perfect my poses. I’m extremely excited and currently trying to calm down long enough to figure out what I want to wearContinue reading “SG Shoot Update – 7.8.18”

My First Nude Set – 3.8.18

It’s Friday! And a very special Friday at that! Today is the day I begin releasing my first ever nude set! Very exciting if not a little nerve wracking. So I wanted to take a little time and talk about my first nude shoot and why it’s taken me this long to just get nakedContinue reading “My First Nude Set – 3.8.18”

27.6.18 Kickstarter Update

Hello Lovelies, If you’re following me on Instagram/Facebook then you might have already seen this. I received an amazingly generous pledge the other night and I’m still trying to figure out how to cope with these emotions. However the project isn’t fully funded yet and there are only 19 days remaining. I know I’ve beenContinue reading “27.6.18 Kickstarter Update”

21.6.18 Wanna buy some merchandise?

Hello lovelies! Whilst browsing “the web” I had a sudden spark of inspiration and set up an account on teepublic ( ) which is basically an online store that I can upload images to and it will turn them into items for sale (t-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc). I’ve no idea if it’s something anyContinue reading “21.6.18 Wanna buy some merchandise?”

Crowdfunding and #MerMay – 4.5.18

Lately I’ve been considering crowdfunding. Personally I’m all for people coming together to accomplish a goal and bring something new into the world. It’s exciting and makes me feel like I’m a part of something. But I think some people aren’t super fond of it and that’s fair enough. We don’t all have to likeContinue reading “Crowdfunding and #MerMay – 4.5.18”