SG Shoot Update – 7.8.18

Hello all, super quick update in regards to my Suicide Girls Hopeful photo shoot – we now have a date set so all that’s left to do is get my outfit sorted and perfect my poses. I’m extremely excited and currently trying to calm down long enough to figure out what I want to wearContinue reading “SG Shoot Update – 7.8.18”

My First Nude Set – 3.8.18

It’s Friday! And a very special Friday at that! Today is the day I begin releasing my first ever nude set! Very exciting if not a little nerve wracking. So I wanted to take a little time and talk about my first nude shoot and why it’s taken me this long to just get nakedContinue reading “My First Nude Set – 3.8.18”

“City Sights” New Photo Set Out Tomorrow! – 26.7.18

Hey again lovelies! It’s almost time for a new set, are you excited!? I know I am ^_^ The next set is super cute and is from my adventure in Edinburgh – which despite not being the best experience it resulted in some fantastic photos. Matt was a fantastic photographer to work with, very relaxedContinue reading ““City Sights” New Photo Set Out Tomorrow! – 26.7.18″

12.6.18 Recent Photo Shoot – Street Beauty

Hey again Lovelies! Wanted to give you a little update on a recent shoot I had. A really fun city street photo shoot that resulted in me trailing flowers where I walked haha. Working with the wonderful Becky for the second time – check her out: PurplePort: Instagram: @holeyn_photography Website: She had clearlyContinue reading “12.6.18 Recent Photo Shoot – Street Beauty”

1.6.18 Thoughts and Feelings

Hello Lovelies, today’s post was going to be about my recent shoot in Edinburgh and technically still is however I won’t really be talking about the photo shoot. Instead I’d like to talk about what I experienced whilst I was walking around Edinburgh getting my photo taken. I’m going to try not to let thisContinue reading “1.6.18 Thoughts and Feelings”