Humpday Curiosity – 9.10.19

Afternoon folx!

Hope you’ve been having a nice week so far. Today is a day of curiosity – I’m curious as to when you last had a sexual health check up (STI test). Being the sex positive individual that I am, I often wonder how other people view things like regular sexual health check ups, best ways of cleaning and storing toys and how to get the government to stop introducing laws/policies that make sex worker’s lives harder or more dangerous.

So today I’m asking for you to chime in! Come answer my poll and let me get an actual answer to my question ^_^

When did you last have a sexual heath check up (STI test)?

Answers are anonymous and it’s one question with a multiple choice answer selection. It’ll take less than a minute. But if you don’t want to take part then there is of course no pressure, I’ll most likely be posting the results I get next week so you can check back then if you’re as curious as I am ^_^


Otherwise here’s a sneak peek at some recent shoots I’ve had!

We’re getting into the spirit of the spoopy season! And fingers crossed this is only the beginning! I’m hoping to get as many shoots as I can manage but I’ll have to see how many costumes I can put together first haha.

Want to make sure you don’t miss any of my photo sets? Consider signing up to my OnlyFans or Patreon ^_^


stay safe be happy insta size

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