Content Age Restrictions – 30.7.19

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend ^_^ today I wanted to have a ramble about age restrictions on content. Not in a porn specific way, more about my personal age restrictions on my public accounts.

As you might have noticed I publish some NSFW content publicly (I always do my best to mark it appropriately and post it where people that see it will be 18+) due to the fact that I do this I tend to put some sort of notice on my accounts that they are intended to be viewed by people that are 18+ and that I don’t want people under that age viewing my content.

You might also have noticed that I try not to post too much NSFW content publicly and that the majority of my posts are censored. So you might have wondered why I was still so insistent on having my accounts as 18+.

The other reason I mark my accounts as 18+ is because I am 23 years old and don’t really want to interact with anyone under the age of 18 in any extended way. Which might sound dumb but I’ve had friends that have formed friendships online with people younger than them, which when you take a step back and see an 18+ year old being friends with a 16 year old it feels a little weird. It’s not that there’s anything gross happening, it’s just that age gaps are important when the person is under 18. It’s something that I’m really aware of and try my best to make sure that the people viewing my content are appropriate for the content.

The only content I have that I feel comfortable with people under 18 viewing is my YouTube channel. Well I suppose some of my blog posts would also be fine but to be safe I’d just rather anyone visiting my blog was 18+.

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Image description: YouTube Logo with chibi BlueMerkitten and the text “Don’t forget to subscribe!” the image it’self is a link to BlueMerkitten’s YouTube channel


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with how I do things, I just felt like talking it over with you all today. I figured it would be interesting to see how you feel about content creators (of all kinds) and how they set age restrictions, or don’t, on their content. I remember when John Green started getting a ridiculous amount of hate because most of his fans were young adults (he’s a young adult author) and that because he was interacting with them so much he must be gross and creepy (which is nonsense).

I know that if I were to gain any under 18 followers on YouTube they might want to follow me on Instagram or Twitter and I worry about that and that they might end up seeing content that isn’t appropriate for them.

But at the same time I’m an adult that makes adult content so really I don’t want to have to deal with under 18’s at all. Even though all of my explicit content is hidden behind pay walls, I’d still just rather keep it an 18+ community.

So here’s the ramble of the day haha, how do you feel about 18+ content creators (SFW or NSFW) interacting with under 18’s?

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Image Description: Blue text reads “Stay Safe, Be Happy” followed by a tiny BlueMerkitten logo on a purple background

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