Tuesday Thoughts – 16.7.19

Afternoon everyone ^_^

This morning I had the lovely surprise of receiving my #stopcensoringsluts package from the Be a Bimbo & Exotic Cancer collaboration!


I was so hype to get it this morning I even filmed a little unboxing video which you can watch HERE if you’d like ^_^ Honestly the crop top is so soft and comfy, I love it. Although I’m a tiny bit concerned that the text might peel off after it’s been washed a few times, so I’ll keep you updated on that. (I got a size XXL and usually buy a UK 16/18 for tops in case you’re wondering)

Amongst the other items I got as part of the package was a postcard from Be a Bimbo which had a really great message on the back of it and I wanted to share that message, so here you go.

” Dear Slut,

Are you tired of feeling like you have to hide who you are in order to avoid getting banned from social media? Are you tired of being shamed for embracing your sexuality by the very people who objectify you? ‘Cause we are!

It’s time to stand up to censorship! We have launched this special collaboration because it’s time to work together as a community of sluts. We will not accept being censored, demoted, or deleted just because we are empowered women who have taken ownership of OUR sexuality.

Despite Instagram unjustifiably deleting entire accounts or demoting our pictures, and entire countries ignoring sexworker’s rights and doing everything they can to get rid of us, we will prove we are stronger than ever!

#stopcensoringsluts is a campaign for us all to take back our sexuality, our bodies, and our human rights. 10% of all profits will be donated to Global Network of Sex Work Projects, which fights everyday to help our community. To read more about their amazing work, visit www.nswp.org.


With love and respect,
Exotic Cancer & Be a Bimbo “



It’s so nice to see that there is a community that’s fighting back the stigma and reclaiming the slurs to empower themselves. Not to mention that Be a Bimbo has some really pretty merchandise! I’m not sponsored but gosh I wish I were haha.

Other things I was happy to see this morning included an article from The Herald (read it here) which featured Megara Furie directly discussing full service sex work/escorting in relation to unionising.

Although I’m delighted to see that this article is far more positive and shows that Megara and the GMB union clearly want to be inclusive and fight for the rights of the community as a whole it’s left me very confused as to why the article from the Daily Record (discussed in this blog post) came across as being so exclusionary. It makes me think this might be a case of misrepresentation by the media – which we all know happens – so hopefully we’ll be able to get a direct answer from Megara in the near future.

Either way I’m ecstatic to hear that GMB is looking to fight for decriminalisation as well as fighting discrimination of sex workers.

Thanks for checking in and be sure to go check out Be a Bimbo and Exotic Cancer!


Stay safe and be happy x

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