Beltane Fire Festival – 3.5.19

Hey everyone, I figured I’d post a quick little blog about this year’s #BeltaneFireFestival that Andy and I went to on Tuesday ^_^

But if you’d rather watch my vlog that has clips from the actual event then you can do that instead ;p


Or why not both? Both is always good haha.

So first things first – what is Beltane and why are we having a fire festival for it?

Beltane is a Pagan celebration that marks the return of Summer and fertility to the land. You might also have heard it referred to as “May Day”. The fire element is symbolic of life, warmth and fertility which is why Beltane is usually celebrated with fire displays. If you’d like to learn more I recommend checking out this website as they are the organisers behind the fire festival.

However it’s not just a religious festival, many tourists travel from all over the world to watch the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival. Each year they put on amazing performances that tell the story of Beltane. And honestly each year just gets better and better. Andy and I have been to the last 4 and still get so excited to see what’s different. Although we both say the best part is “the reds” – the performers painted/dressed in red that run around and cause mischief whilst showing off their acrobatic skills.


Copyright Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

Although I should give you a heads up, “the reds” are often mostly naked ^_^ so if you go looking for pictures of them then keep in mind they might not be entirely safe for work haha.

One of the things we like to do each year is to wear something special to celebrate. It’s almost always a flower crown because time and money are limiting factors :/ but we also tend to try and be creative with makeup or face paint.

Eventually we’d love to get full outfits sorted but for now we’ll settle for fun makeup and flower crowns ^_^

And that’s it really. If you happen to live in Scotland/the UK then I would recommend trying to get along one year. It’s such an amazing experience. And if you ever plan to visit the UK then it’s something to consider checking out if your timing is right ^_^

Stay safe and be happy!

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