Charity Shop Hunting – 29.4.19

Hello all! You may have seen me posting about going charity shop hunting the other day, well I’m happy to let you know that I found some really cool stuff and I wanted to share some pictures with you ^_^

First of all here’s the complete haul (plus Bouncer) it all came to £33.50 which is pretty great!

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I got 2 jumpsuits, a dress, one pair of skorts (skirt/short combined), 2 backpacks, one pair of boots, a belt, 2 bangles, 2 rings, 2 pin badges and a bum bag ^_^ Considering that a dress or jumpsuit on it’s own could end up costing close to £30 I’m really happy with how much I managed to find.

Let’s start with the jumpsuits. I got 2, one was a more formal navy blue with black mesh panels and the other was a more casual black jersey one with adjustable shoulder straps.

The other great thing is that both jumpsuits have pockets! You can never have enough pockets after all haha. I am a little worried that the navy blue one might be a bit snug around the crotch but I suppose I’ll find out when I wear it out haha xD before I realised the shoulder straps were adjustable I thought the black one was super gapey and that I’d have to shorten the straps but it turned out perfect in the end. Really looking forward to wearing them both and I’ll be sure to post more photos when I do!

Now let’s look at the dress I got.

So when I first tried it on I was a bit disappointed.

As is often a problem with dresses, it wasn’t really sitting right due to my boobs :/ Don’t get me wrong it’s not awful but it’s just not really how I like it. However I then thought to myself “add a corset” and low and behold…


I instantly felt better about it. Truth be told a belt would probably have worked just the same but I love getting to show off my gorgeous corset (from Corsetry & Couture) so of course it was my go to xD

Sometimes you just need the right accessories to pull an outfit together.

Next up we have the little blue skort.

A simple looking “skirt” with the fun of knowing there’s a pair of inbuilt shorts!

I bought this primarily because I’m curious to see if the inbuilt shorts will stop chub rub from happening. They seem like they’re the rig length but there’s every chance that they’ll ride up and do nothing.

Still, it’s a cute little skirt and just my colour ^_^

The rest of the items I bought were accessories and some of which have already been used in a photo shoot so I won’t post any pictures of them just yet ;p

There you have it! Charity shop hunting with BlueMerkitten! I hope you guys have as much luck as I did next time you go searching through your local charity shops ^_^

Stay safe and be happy x

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