Saturday Thoughts – 12.1.19

Hello lovelies,

It’s Saturday and I don’t have much planned other than editing and posting a new #BouncerTheStaffie video to YouTube but I’ve got something on my mind so I figured I’d share it with you. Along with some pictures of dogs to brighten up your day ^_^


My downstairs neighbour is a grumpy old man that seems to hate everyone and everything. He has a habit of throwing food and other items out of his window which first of all makes a mess of the front of the building – especially the ground floor neighbour’s entrance – but it also means that many of the local pets have been eating the food he’s thrown out.

We had to try and stop Bouncer from gobbling up a frozen burger the other day and only just about managed it. We think he managed to eat a little before we got him to spit it out.

It really gets on my nerves that this guy is just carelessly tossing food out his window.

He knows how many dogs are walked in the area and is aware enough to realise that dogs will usually try and eat whatever food they come across. So it’s almost malicious really.

My ground floor neighbour was telling me she woke up to find boiled eggs had been dropped in front of her door but that they were so mushed up it was really difficult for her to clean it up. That along with the cigarette ends he usually drops that she has to try and clean up before letting her dog out. It’s rude and awful and I’m so mad about it.

But there’s virtually nothing we can do about it so here I am ranting to the internet haha.

Oh well, in happier news there’s going to be a new dog video uploaded to my channel very soon, so keep an eye out for that ^_^

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