Let’s recap, shall we

Hey all!

We’re just about to leave 2018 behind and venture into 2019, it’s an exciting and terrifying time so before we go let’s have a quick look back at 2018.


I turned 22! My birthday party was vaguely pokemon inspired and was held in my favourite cafe (which is now closed). Some useless info for you: some of my favourite pokem are, Oddish, Glaceon and Pumpkaboo. 


It was a good start to the year, even if it was little bit quiet. My next birthday might be a little bigger but we’ll have to see how things turn out.



Vero had a burst in popularity but turned out to be nothing fantastic. But my friend did have another awesome house party where I had a fabulous time and stole people’s accessories to take silly selfies.

bear pit bad movies edition.jpg



I chopped off about half of my hair! (spoilers, it’s basically grown back now)




I crashed my friend’s office party that was drag race themed, went to my first Torture Garden and of course went through to Edinburgh for the Beltane Fire Festival. Jazz and Lee came to stay for a few days and we got loads of great photos. 




MerMay! I had a go at doing some themed outfits/makeup but didn’t really manage to keep up with one a day. Maybe next year, haha. I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled – ouchie. I got to be a part of “Team Murder Wedding” at my LARP, which was so much fun. I launched my kickstarter to fund my first Suicide Girls photoshoot.




The long awaited ears and tail set arrived! I was published in a magazine for the first time, alongside the wonderful @jazzebell_ the shoot was so much fun and I’m so glad the pictures were chosen to be published.




Entered #AMOTY2018 and successfully passed the audition stage. I got to play an ice giant at my LARP but then my leg got stuck in one of the stilts so I had to be cut free…exciting times haha. I had my first ever nude shoot x3 



I went to my first Fringe show – Notflix! It was really good fun and I just wish I had managed to go and see more shows but there’s always next year. Bouncer the Staffie joined our little family!



Patreon suspended my account. I had my photo shoot for my first Suicide Girls photo set!



The spookiest of months! I managed to put together a fun red riding hood costume and got some super fun photos. I also got to see one of my favourite bands live (finally) – Three Days Grace was phenomenal live and I’m desperate to see them again in the future. It was also Bouncer’s birthday! He turned 2 and got all dressed up in a pumpkin jumper and a party hat ^_^




#AMOTY2018! Who could forget this chaos haha. I went to Bristol for the first time and had a great weekend with my friend, we even got to go to the zoo. 





Christmas! So many awesome photo shoots! I got a little political on the 17th (International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers) and got almost 300 views on my blog! Likely due to the fact that I had posted some nsfw pictures in my blog post. Had a tarot reading for the first time. Got published for the second time!

BlueMerkitten, Balcony-32

Looking to the Future

Lots happened this year, there were things I wish I had planned better or things I missed out on because life just threw too many curve balls for me to keep up with. So next year I want to try and be more prepared – I say that as I sit here with my brain full of cotton wool and no idea what I’m doing next.

But I have so many ideas.

I want to keep up with all the alt models I met at AMOTY, I want to work with them all and do fun social things but things like that require a fair amount of time and energy, which I’m not sure I’ll have spare. Guess we’ll find out.

I’m also planning to get more themed shoots prepared ahead of time so I can have loads of fun content for things like Valentine’s day, Easter, Beltane, Halloween, etc. I might even look at putting together a calendar! But that might be a 2020 project.

The main aim will be to continue growing my fanbase and to continue increasing my subscribers over on my OnlyFans so that I can continue to model as a career not a hobby.

I am also considering dipping back into cosplay as I know that would make some great photo sets but no promises xD

So thanks for sticking with me throughout 2018, I hope the new year brings you great things. For now I’m off to work then on to a party x


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