Tumblr and the continuing censorship of the Internet

Hello Lovelies, today’s post is going to be me ranting about Tumblr banning porn – so if you don’t want to read me ranting about it then I suggest skipping this post x

If however you’ve got your hot beverage and are ready to listen to a 22 year old get mad about censorship then get comfy and let’s get started.

Tumblr was one of the most known and probably most used social media platforms that still allowed explicit adult content: including the ever feared “female presenting nipples”! People of all inclinations could enjoy browsing through the sometimes overwhelming variety of content available on tumblr.com™ Whether they were typical lustful individuals or sex workers trying to share and profit from their content,everyone was fairly happy doing so.

It wasn’t perfect. There were a lot of problems. Obviously. Apps don’t get removed from app stores if they don’t have problems after all. But the solution isn’t a blanket ban on all adult content that’s already banning things that in no way at all sexually explicit or remotely problematic.

You’ve likely seen the posts going around showing that searching for “boob” shows nothing where as searching “white power” brings up a multitude of posts – the implication that breasts are more harmful to society than white supremacy is…terrifying.

It’s only porn, some might argue. Some might argue that, yes there may be some mistakes in the beginning but once everything is fine tuned it’s only the adult content that’s going – so why are we all so upset? After all there are plenty of porn sites if that’s what we really want. If you can’t see the issue with a blanket censorship of all adult content on one of the remaining safe sites for adult content purveyors then I feel like you’re not paying enough attention.

Already the LGBTQA community is being censored heavily (for no reason) and then along comes this tumblr purge which begins adding LGBTQA topics to it’s list of things to get rid of. Of course I’m sure that’s just an accident…not malicious at all…

But I suppose I’m getting off track. Lets talk about the idea that porn is harming our children. Obviously we don’t want children accessing porn. That’s not a question, we all agree on that. However the likelihood of a minor randomly coming across porn on tumblr is fairly low. Most porn blogs I’ve seen will tag all of their content, clearly state on their blog that they don’t allow minors and will actively block minors if they come across them. The biggest risk I can think of is porn bots. So really we should be doing something about them. Or have stricter tagging systems so people don’t accidentally stumble across untagged porn.

Basically a blanket ban is unnecessary.

It’s like you’ve found a squeaky door to a room in your house and instead of fixing it you just tear out that section of your house and continue on as if it never existed.

Being honest though, we all knew it was only a matter of time before Yahoo fucked things up, especially after SESTA/FOSTA came along to start pouring the gasoline on everything.

Maybe you agree that all porn should be banned? Maybe you think sex workers should have their lives made as difficult as possible? Maybe you don’t want people to be able to access sexual education tools? Maybe you don’t think adult content can be art? Maybe you’ve been tricked into believing censorship is a good thing?

I don’t know, I’m not in your shoes but from where I’m sitting this isn’t a good sign and it makes me worry about what they’ll decide to censor next.

Thanks for reading x


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