3.7.18 – Nudes Interrupted

We interrupt your regularly scheduled nudes to bring you info on the UK version of FOSTA/SESTA which is currently being put forward for debate on the 4th of July by Sarah Champion (clearly not a champion of sex workers).

Here’s a super short article you can read about the situation: https://medium.com/@harleyfacepalm/sarah-champion-is-wrong-criminalising-sex-workers-online-adverts-will-lead-to-more-harm-7453cd7170a3

If you don’t know about FOSTA/SESTA – which are American policies recently introduced – then you probably need to read this:


Sorry to send you on a reading errand but this is important. If something like SESTA/FOSTA is brought to the UK then there will be so many people affected by it. Plus by the way, most people with experience of the topic say that the internet has helped to make the profesion safer.


Obviously I am only providing brief examples and you should definitely do your own reading and come to your own conclusions – always remember to fact check.

Here’s an article directly from a sex worker’s rights group:


Ok I’ve probably given you enough links to click and read later now let me tell you in my own words why I’m concerned – I’ll try to keep it short.

Laws like this put sex workers in danger.

Short and simple. If you take away the ability to advertise online, screen info online and share info about dangerous people then obviously the work becomes more dangerous. Censoring the internet is not a good plan – pretty sure most people would agree with that. So we should all agree that censoring one part of it and pushing that community underground isn’t good, right?

Because first they came for sex workers the they came for…

By this point you’ve probably decided how you feel about this topic, hopefully you’ll agree this isn’t good news. If you think this is a bad thing and want to stop it then here’s my final link that will allow you to send an email to your MP asking them to speak up against it:


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