Patreon Update – 4.10.18

Hello all, I’m happy to say that after 11 days of being suspended by Patreon my account has finally been re-instated.

It seems as though my payment for this month hasn’t been processed and I’m not entirely sure that it will be so potentially I’ve lost a month’s earnings. Not too keen on that.

However what makes it worse is the fact that Patreon’s reason for suspending my account was just a mistake. They accidentally suspended my account, right before payments were due to be processed. And it took 11 days and me emailing/tweeting them repeatedly before I got any info.

patreon messed up_LI.jpg

After this I have lost my faith in Patreon and will definitely only be using it to post my SFW sets with the only tier being the $1 option.

If you haven’t already had a look at my OnlyFans account and you’re wanting to continue getting access to my NSFW content then I recommend you go check it out ^_^ it’s the same as my Twitter (@BMerkitten)

So there we go xD hope you’ve all been having a good week so far.