Cirque De Fetiche Debut Event

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On the 20th of December 2019 the debut event of Cirque De Fetiche is being held in Glasgow, UK. It’s an event designed to be open and welcoming to all members of the kink community and even newbies that are just curious.

BlueMerkitten is attending as a Hostess for the event and has been part of the team involved in organising the event.


{ All Photographs By Lee Jones }

As you may have seen, I had the pleasure of acting as the Hostess for the debut event of Cirque De Fetiche. Those of you that were lucky enough to have attended will have seen exactly how much fun the evening was but this blog should act as small glimpse into what you missed if you couldn’t make it.

Let’s start with me, shall we.

On the night I was wearing my brand new latex dress (from HERE), my brand new stripper heels (from HERE) and to finish it off I had a very cute fascinator (from HERE). Plus I’d had my hair styled by my favourite hairdressers (Check Them Out!).



The day before the event I was flitting around doing last minute prep and chasing up the rest of the team to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible. Which brings me onto the next most important thing to talk about. The team behind Cirque De Fetiche.


From Left to Right: Indie, Mistress Felice, Hannya, Warden & BlueMerkitten

Unfortunately, we were so busy on the night we didn’t manage to get a group photo with everyone and a few members missed out on photos all together – which is a real shame. Hopefully we’ll be able to fix that if we hold another event (which seems likely).

So let’s give a breakdown of what actually happened on the night.

Things got off to a bit of a hectic start with some guests arriving an hour earlier than they were supposed to and with the whole team rushing to get last minute details sorted. But we pulled together and got the event under way.


After giving guests time to get in and wander for a bit we had our first performance of the evening – Minnie Knot the contortionist! 



We were exceptionally lucky to have Minnie perform for us and her act was perfectly themed given our name, don’t you think haha. It was amazing to see the shapes she could bend herself into and how easily she fit inside her box!


Our next performance was a burlesque strip tease by our very own Alice Crow (Miss January Blue) , she’s still fairly new to the burlesque scene but she put on a wonderful performance for us! Plus her outfit was fabulous!



Our final performance downstairs was another new performer, performing a dance routine from one of her favourite k-pop songs (song name and group):Jordanna. There was even a sneaky inclusion of Alice Crow ;p



After that there was a slightly longer break than we had planned for as it turned out a piece of equipment had been forgotten (something had to go a little askew, didn’t it haha). Although I have to admit the slight break was much appreciated by my feet, haha, 5 hours in stripper heels was perhaps not my smartest choice but I regret nothing!


Before too long we had multiple performances going at once upstairs, so our guests had plenty to keep them entertained if they weren’t quite ready to take the plunge themselves.


We had an impact and electrics scene, featuring two of our DM’s and Hannya.



A rope scene featuring our rope specific DM and another of our DMs.



And a traditional impact scene with professional Mistress – Mistress Felice.

Which unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any photos of, so here’s a solo photo of Mistress Felice. You’ll just have to book a session with her if you want to see what she likes to get up to ;p



Keeping on top of everything got a little tricky and I think for any future events we’ll definitely need to find some more general staff to help manage guests. As well as maybe moving all performances downstairs. 

Overall the event went really well. Guests were happy and we’ve had wonderful feedback so far. Both just generally positive feedback as well as constructive comments – which is something that we really appreciate seeing as this was a brand new event.

There are definitely things that will be changed and the team is already chattering away to see if we can come up with our next date, so watch this space!

{ All Photographs By Lee Jones }

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