Emotional Drive

A Necrobiotic Campaign
Constructs are attacking people, cults are gaining power and four individuals are struggling with their emotions…

Join Amelia (BlueMerkitten), Fiora (Sidney), Yi (Matt) and Eli (Mitch) as they investigate a string of construct attacks that have suddenly started happening across Florence.

This unlikely team must figure out how to work together despite the mix of emotions that runs between them all in order to uncover the truth behind these attacks and stop them before all of Florence is thrown into violent chaos.

Click here to watch Episode 1 – The Beginning

The group (minus Amelia) all meet up to begin their investigation.

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Amelia joins the group just in time to witness another Construct to attack!

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With Eli busy watching over the Constructs the rest of the group sets off to find out more information about the origins of the code that seems to be corrupting the Constructs. However, what they find leaves them with more questions and sets their emotions to overdrive.

Click here to watch Episode 4 – Expect the Unexpected

Eli is sent backup and is able to safely take possession of the faulty Constructs in order for them to be further investigated back at the Citadel. Upon his return to his office he is invited to dinner by his fiancé, she has some important news for him…

Click here to watch Episode 5 – The Sassy Dead

This episode we get all of the group back together and start putting all of the pieces of this puzzle into place. Eli is confronted by Fiora for shutting out all of his emotions and for being so harsh to everyone else in the team. Then it’s straight into the dark and disgusting sewers of Florence to track down the mysterious group that might just be behind everything…

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